The Kia Cerato Hatch. Never an uncomfortable moment

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KIA’s new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission cuts emissions, improves performance

KIA’s new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission cuts emissions, improves performance

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KIA has announced application of the all-new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) to a production model for the first time, the new KIA cee’d GT Line – which makes its global debut at the 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva on 3 March 2015.

Production debut – the new KIA cee’d GT Line

The new DCT will be paired with the cee’d GT Line’s 98 kW 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine. Capable of handling larger torque outputs than KIA’s existing six-speed torque converter automatic (up to 300 Nm), the DCT’s fast-shifting nature is ideally suited to the new cee’d GT Line’s sporty image.

Drivers will benefit from faster gear changes than a traditional torque converter automatic transmission, as well as lower running costs. It is anticipated that the new DCT will offer lower emissions and higher fuel economy, pending European homologation tests later in 2015. It will be made available on a wider range of KIA models in the future.

Developed in-house for greater fuel economy and acceleration

Kia 7 DCT (3) (1)

The new transmission is the first of its type from the brand, and has been developed in-house by KIA’s research and development teams at its Namyang, Korea R&D centre. More fuel efficient than KIA’s existing six-speed automatic transmission, the new DCT has been engineered with low fuel consumption and a sporty driving feel when in manual mode, and with comfort and smoothness when left in automatic mode.

Throughout its development, KIA’s R&D teams targeted a three to five percent improvement in acceleration (0 to 100 kph) and five to seven per cent improvement to fuel efficiency, depending on model.

Innovative hollow double-gear input shaft allows quick shifts

Kia 7 DCT (2)

The DCT is made up of two dry clutches, each fitted with electric motor-driven clutch actuator to improve responsiveness, and an innovative hollow double-gear input shaft. The hollow shaft itself allows the system to quickly engage even gears, while a solid shaft that runs through the middle operates odd gears. This crossed gear shifting enables continuous power delivery and more efficient packaging, two development cornerstones for the engineering teams behind the project.

The hollow shaft mechanism lets the DCT operate sequentially, the car anticipating the next gear that the driver is likely to need under acceleration or braking, or jump immediately to any of its seven forward gears (and reverse). This is particularly useful under kickdown or heavy braking, allowing the driver to remain in control of the vehicle at all times.

The continuous power delivery of the DCT minimises the loss of torque and forward motion by the powertrain during gear shifts, resulting in more decisive acceleration and a smoother drive. This contributes towards the transmission’s boost to performance in all road conditions in its first application in the cee’d GT Line.

Combined with an increase in power from 94 to 98 kW, the DCT’s seven gears allow the GT Line’s diesel engine to operate at its most efficient speeds at all times. With the engine’s torque increased from 265 to 285 Nm, the new DCT is engineered to effectively manage outputs of up to 300 Nm, achieving a better balance between the engine’s improved, more effortless performance and potential for greater fuel economy.

Reduction of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) has also been a focus for the team behind the DCT’s development, with an external damper ensuring a higher level of refinement for the new transmission. After the cee’d GT Line, which will go on sale across Europe in Q4 2015, the new seven-speed DCT will be made available on a range of other KIA models.

Sporty KIA cee’d GT Line launched with new engine and dual-clutch transmission

Sporty KIA cee’d GT Line launched with new engine and dual-clutch transmission

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KIA Motors Europe will unveil a new KIA cee’d ‘GT Line’ specification at the 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva on 3 March 2015. In addition to a range of visual upgrades, the new cee’d GT Line signifies the arrival of KIA’s all-new downsized 1.0-litre T-GDI (turbo gasoline direct injection) engine and new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission in Europe.

The look of the GT, the versatility of a conventional cee’d

The new GT Line offers buyers the sporty looks of the high performance KIA cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT and the versatility of the conventional cee’d model family. The GT Line specification is available on all three cee’d body types – five-door cee’d, three-door pro_cee’d and cee’d Sportswagon.

The exterior of the GT Line evolves the design language of the cee’d GT, with ice-cube LED daytime running lights and deeper bumpers surrounding KIA’s hallmark ‘tiger-nose’ grille. At the rear of the car, both the cee’d hatchback and pro_cee’d include the wider GT bumper and twin exhausts, while the Sportswagon is fitted with dual exhausts and a subtle rear diffuser. All GT Line models are fitted as standard with the GT model’s eye-catching side sill mouldings and rear LED light units, and a stylish new 17-inch alloy wheel design.

The interior of the cee’d GT Line has been uprated with a higher quality, sportier ambience, inspired by the cabin of the turbo-powered cee’d GT and pro_cee’d GT models. The GT Line boasts a classy, new grey, white and black upholstery with grey stitching; a series of GT Line logos throughout the cabin; and the same piano black and leather steering wheel and aluminium alloy pedals fitted to KIA’s high-performance GT models. The dashboard is also equipped with a new aluminium start-stop button, GT-inspired centre fascia design, illumination for the USB and aux-in ports and new chrome trim around the air vents and power window switches.


Debut for KIA’s downsized 1.0-litre T-GDI three-cylinder engine

For the launch of the cee’d GT Line, KIA is introducing its all-new 1.0-litre ‘T-GDI’ engine, a downsized, three-cylinder power unit engineered to improve fuel consumption and emissions while offering strong, willing performance and immediate responses to driver input. This is the first of KIA’s upcoming range of downsized engines to make its debut in Europe.

The 1.0-litre T-GDI engine produces 88 kW and 172 Nm torque, and has been engineered to deliver lower CO2 emissions than the 1.6-litre GDI engine found in other cee’d models, pending final homologation closer to the GT Line’s launch. The 1.0-litre cee’d GT Line is also equipped with KIA’s fuel-saving Idle Stop & Go system as standard, improving emissions and fuel economy in traffic, and is available with a six-speed manual transmission.

KIA’s new turbocharged engine, developed in-house at the company’s Namyang R&D centre in Korea, features a high-pressure direct injection system, advanced engine cooling and an integrated exhaust manifold for cleaner emissions and efficient packaging.

Immediate engine response and highly-efficient combustion were cornerstones of the engine’s development, fulfilling KIA’s sustainable engine downsizing strategy. The all-new 1.0-litre T-GDI engine will be fitted to other vehicles in KIA’s European model line-up in future.

More powerful and efficient diesel engine The cee’d’s 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine has also been upgraded for its application in the new GT Line variant, with power increased from 94 to 98 kW and torque from 265 to 285 Nm. With the small increase in performance, the engine’s full torque is now available from lower engine speeds for more effortless acceleration under all road conditions.Despite the increase in power and performance, however, CO2 emissions are expected to fall slightly once the homologation process is complete.

Kia cee'd 5-Door GT Line (rear)

All-new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission The new All-new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission

The new cee’d GT Line features a second new technology debut for KIA, with the arrival of the brand’s all-new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). Available on GT Line models equipped with the 98 kW 1.6-litre CRDi diesel engine, KIA’s new DCT is capable of handling torque outputs up to 300 Nm – higher than the six-speed torque-converter automatic transmission it replaces for application in the cee’d GT Line.

Like the new 1.0-litre T-GDI power unit, KIA’s new DCT has also been developed in-house and has been engineered with low fuel consumption and a sporty driving feel when in manual mode, and with comfort and smoothness when left in automatic mode.

Drivers specifying the new DCT for their cee’d GT Line will benefit from faster gear changes than a traditional automatic transmission, as well as lower running costs. It is anticipated that the new DCT will offer lower emissions and higher fuel economy compared to the outgoing six-speed automatic gearbox.

KIA’s R&D teams have targeted a three to five percent improvement in acceleration (0 to 100 km/h) and five to seven percent improvement to fuel efficiency. After the cee’d GT Line, the new seven-speed DCT will be available on a number of KIA models in future, with similar gains expected in fuel efficiency and performance depending on its application in different models.

KIA cee’d GT Line on-sale in Q4 2015 The KIA cee’d GT Line will be available from KIA dealers across Europe in Q4 2015. Designed and engineered in Europe, the KIA cee’d family – incorporating the hatchback, wagon and pro_cee’d – continues to be manufactured at KIA’s production facility in Žilina, Slovakia. With 75 960 units sold across Europe in 2014, the cee’d remains one of the brand’s bestselling models across the region.

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KIA SPORTSPACE concept to be unveiled at Geneva

KIA SPORTSPACE concept to be unveiled at Geneva

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KIA Motors Europe will unveil an innovative new concept, the KIA SPORTSPACE, at the 85th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva on 3 March 2015.

Created for long distance driving, the SPORTSPACE has been designed for fast and efficient travel with maximum comfort and minimal stress, in the best grand touring tradition of the weekend getaway.

Kia SPORTSPACE Concept (3)

Designed at KIA’s Frankfurt design studio, under the direction of Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe, the SPORTSPACE features a unique and captivating body shape. The car is born out of a commitment to provide stylish and exciting transportation for four which is also spacious and functional, without sacrificing the performance, sustainability and economy that KIA is known for.


Recognisably a KIA due to its signature ‘tiger nose’ grille, finely judged proportions and simple, clean surfaces, SPORTSPACE has a bold, dynamic shape with real road presence. At the same time, it offers a high level of interior comfort and substantial practical load space.

Kia SPORTSPACE Concept (4)

“We set out to design a car that is a totally new breed of grand tourer – one for active people who need reasonable cargo space on the weekend, but don’t want to compromise moving around in style, comfort and with an element of sportiness,” explains Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe.

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Kia Trail’ster concept coming to Chicago Auto Show

Kia Trail’ster concept coming to Chicago Auto Show

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A clue concerning Kia’s newest concept vehicle was recently discovered. The world premiere of a new concept vehicle, the Trail’ster, has given every auto enthusiast a reason to look forward to the Chicago AutoShow this year. This electric all-wheel drive concept model was conceived for city dwellers who dream of outdoor adventures. Indeed, its bold design, fully retractable canvas roof, and smartly integrated rear electric all-wheel drive system is the talk of the town.

The turbocharged Kia Trail’ster concept will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show on February 12.

The Enhanced KIA Rio: A talented duo

The Enhanced KIA Rio: A talented duo

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Following hot off its debut at the 2014 Paris MotorShow, the upgraded and enhanced KIA Rio has arrived in South Africa. Comprising hatch and sedan body styles, the subtle yet stylish exterior updates and notable interior upgrades have breathed new life into the Rio range, which is set to remain KIA’s bestselling model.

Enhanced Kia Rio - Exterior 5

An award-winning package

Launched globally in 2011, the fourth-generation KIA Rio was an immediate hit across the world. In its first year on sale, it won several prestigious “Car of the Year” awards (Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Australia), while The Chicago Athenaeum in the USA awarded it a Good Design Award in the same year. The Rio also became one of the first winners in Germany’s Automotive Brand Contest, scooping up yet another design award.

The trophy cabinet was enlarged for 2012, with the Rio again winning a number of “Car of the Year” and “Best Buy” awards across the globe (Russia, Portugal, Scotland, the USA, Australia). Importantly, the Rio won a red dot design award in Germany and an IDEA Design Award in the USA, while scoring first place in the China Association of Quality’s China Quality Survey – following it up in 2013 by topping the China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index. Needless to say, the trophy cabinet had to be re-measured in 2013. And again in 2014.

In South Africa, the Rio soon became KIA South Africa’s bestselling model, scoring a nomination as finalist in the 2012 WesBank / SAGMJ Car of the Year competition. The Rio has also been a consistent star in the Standard Bank People’s Wheels Award. Most recently, in 2014, it starred against one luxury German competitor and ran rings around the other to scoop the “Best Compact Commuter” award.

KIA Marketing Director, David Sieff, receiving the Compact Commuter award from Standard Bank's Nicholas Nkosi

KIA Marketing Director, David Sieff, receiving the Compact Commuter award from Standard Bank’s Nicholas Nkosi

The Rio, with 471,000 units sold in 2014 alone, remains KIA Motors’ bestselling modelglobally. Upon the reveal of the updated Rio at the Paris Motor Show in 2014, Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer for KIA Motors Europe, noted that the improvements to this model are of major significance.

“The immense popularity of the Rio shows that our designers and engineers got most things ‘right’ when creating the fourth-generation of our compact B-segment challenger in 2011,” he commented. “The Rio retains the core attributes that have proved so popular with owners, while enhancements to the 2015 model include a slight visual makeover, giving it a fresh exterior and interior look.”

Minor exterior updates for a more stylish and premium appearance

Enhanced Kia Rio - Exterior 4

Under the direction of Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer of KIA Motors Corporation, the Rio design team in Korea has updated the Rio’s ‘tiger-nose grille’ and given the car a newly designed front bumper and fog lights. As with the original, there are subtle differences between the front-end design of the hatch and sedan, with most notable difference being the design of the grille and bumper: the hatchback features a sportier design with lower air intakes and front fog lights, while the sedan has a more stylish and integrated design. A new rear bumper on the hatchback completes the exterior makeover.

Exterior dimensions and body styles remain unaltered, but three new alloy wheel designs have been added to the line-up to refresh the Rio’s profile, most notably on the rangetopping 1.4 TEC. A new paint finish – Urban Blue – has been added to the colour line-up.

New trim for a more stylish interior

Enhanced KIA Rio - Interior

Highly regarded for its stylish and roomy interior, updates to the enhanced Rio’s interior have been limited to upgraded materials and trims. The cabin is brightened by the addition of chrome accents around the four dashboard air-vents, while a newly designed centrestack around the audio system now features piano black trim for a decidedly stylish and premium look and feel. All other interior dimensions and specification levels remain unchanged.

Two body styles, two engines, and three transmissions

Both the Rio hatch and Rio sedan will still be available with a choice of two efficient petrol engines, mated to either a 5-speed manual transmission, 6-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.

At the entry level is KIA’s well-known 1.2-litre Kappa engine, which generates 65 kW at 6000 r/min and 120 Nm of torque at 4 000 r/min, mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. Kia’s advanced “Kappa” family of engines feature dual CVVT, with a cast aluminium block, offset crankshaft, maintenance-free timing chain and low-friction ‘beehive’ valve springs. These technologies significantly improve efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 13.1 seconds and top speed is 168 km/h.

A popular and well-proven power unit in Kia’s engine line-up, the 1.4 Gamma engine features friction-reducing modifications and dual CVVT (continuously variable valve timing) to achieve a responsive performance and competitively modest fuel consumption. With maximum output of 79 kW at 6 300 r/min and peak torque of 135 Nm at 4 200 r/min, the Rio 1.4 6-speed manual model accelerates to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds before reaching a top speed of 183 km/h. A 4-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.

Value for money

The KIA brand has become renowned for offer vehicles of exceptional design and quality,

but above all notable value for money and competitive pricing. KIA’s class-leading 5-

year/150 000km warranty remains standard, as does a 4-year/60 000km service plan.

Pricing for the hatch and sedan is as follows:

Rio 1.2 Manual R 176 995.00

Rio 1.4 Manual R 199 995.00

Rio 1.4 Auto R 211 995.00

Rio 1.4 TEC Manual R 212 995.00

Rio 1.4 TEC Auto R 224 995.00


An optional sunroof is available on the Rio 1.4 TEC for an additional R7 000.


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New additions to the KIA Sportage, Sorento and K2700 ranges

New additions to the KIA Sportage, Sorento and K2700 ranges

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KIA Motors has expanded its line-up of Sportage, Sorento and K2700 models by adding a new, high specification model to each range. Unique to the South African market, the new Sportage Explore, Sorento Adventure and K2700 Sebenza offers additional appeal and excellent value for money through the inclusion of a selection of KIA Genuine Accessories as standard specification.

“Fitting KIA Genuine Accessories to your vehicle not only allows you to personalise your vehicle to fit your needs, but also gives great peace of mind as it meets our stringent OEM requirements,” says David Sieff, Marketing Director at KIA head office.

“The popularity of the KIA Sportage, Sorento and K2700 workhorse in the South African market is undeniable,” he continues. “Adding a selection of these accessories as standard specification has not only allowed us to create a unique, standalone derivative in each range, but also benefits customers, with great value for money.”

The KIA Sportage Explore


Whether you choose to explore South Africa alone or with family and friends, in a day or over a week, the new Sportage Explore will be the perfect companion wherever the road may take you. And thanks to the inclusion of satellite navigation, you will never have to ask for directions either!

Also included in the “Explore” package is a tow bar with a stylish oval styling bar that perfectly complements the Sportage’s stylish design, as well as an oval nudge bar at the front for a more rugged visage. Integrated side steps make entry and egress even easier. “Explore” decals adorn the tailgate, while the interior benefits from an “Explore” branded service book wallet and carpeting.

 Sportage XploreSportage Explore

KIA’s renowned 2.0 VGT CRDi engine – mated to a six-speed automatic transmission – powers the Sportage Explore, and delivers maximum power of 130 kW at 4000 r/min and 382 Nm of torque between 1800 and 2500 Nm.

As the top model in the Sportage range, comfort and convenience features such as dual-zone automatic air-conditioning, the Infinity Premium Sound System with amplifier and sub-woofer, keyless entry with an engine start/stop button, and a glass sunroof remains standard, while a wide array of active and passive safety features – like ABS brakes (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) – are also included.


The KIA Sorento Adventure

sorento adventure

Big, bold and luxurious, the KIA Sorento Adventure is bound to be a firm favourite among travel-minded families thanks to the seven-seat configuration, powerful engine and convenience features carried over from the Sorento 2.2 CRDi AWD automatic, on which it is based.

 sorento adventure2

As with its Sportage sibling, the Sorento Adventure is equipped with satellite navigation to make every on- and off-road adventure just a little bit easier, while the exterior is rounded off with a towbar, also with a stylish oval styling bar, a bold nudge bar at the front for a more rugged visage, and integrated side steps. “Adventure” decals adorn the tailgate, while the interior benefits from an “Adventure” branded service book wallet and carpeting.

sorento adventure 3

Powered by a KIA’s familiar R2.2 TCI (Turbo Charged Inter-cooler) diesel engine, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the Sorento Adventure offers 146.9 kW of power as well as 436.4 Nm of torque, available between 1800 and 2500 r/min.

Additional comfort and convenience features include keyless entry with an engine start/stop button, a panoramic glass sunroof with electric roller blind, leather seats (heated and ventilated in the front, with electric adjustment for the driver), automatic dual zone climate control, cruise control, a radio/CD player with MP3 compatibility, Aux/USB connectivity and steering wheel-mounted controls, as well as Bluetooth.


The KIA K2700 Sebenza

K2700 Sebenza_003

Thanks to its large load deck and 1,3 ton payload, the K2700 remains a popular transport solution among small and medium enterprizes. Apart from its inherent versatility, it also features many unique features like a front opening panel that allows you to easily check fluid levels and refill when necessary, seats optimised for comfort, an 11-litre glovebox as well as a multi-functional console built into the centre seatback.

Additions to the K2700 Sebenza are both aesthetic and practical, and include, for example, the fitment of a bull bar at the front to deal with life’s little knocks more easily. The addition of a tow bar with integrated step not only allows you to increase payload through the use of a trailer, but also eases access to the load bay. To ease the monotony of a day on the road, the K2700 Sebenza features a radio as standard, along with a branded service book wallet and carpets. “Sebenza” decals adorn the side of the vehicle.

The K2700 Sebenza is powered by KIA’s well-known four-cylinder, 2665 cc naturally aspirated diesel engine, offering 62 kW of power at 4000 r/min and 165 Nm of torque at 2400 r/min, mated to a five-speed manual transmission.



The KIA Sportage Explore, Sorento Adventure and K2700 Sebenza is available on order from all KIA dealerships. All three models come standard with KIA’s class-leading 5-year/150 000km warranty and 3-year/unlimited km roadside assistance.

KIA Sportage AWD CRDi 2.0 AT Explore                            R471 995

VAT included. Standard 5-year/100 000km Service Plan

KIA Sorento 2.2 AWD AT Adventure                                 R566 995

VAT included. Standard 5-year/100 000km Maintenance Plan

KIA K2700 Workhorse Sebenza                                        R211 995

VAT included. Standard 3-year/60 000km Service Plan


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Record European production for KIA in 2014

Record European production for KIA in 2014

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KIA Motors Slovakia (KIA) broke its European production record in 2014, producing more than 323 000 cars– an 3% increase over 2013 – at its Zilina production facility. A small increase in engine production to 493 000 units also represented a record for annual production.

The most popular model to roll off the production line was the KIA Sportage compact SUV, which represented 55% of the total vehicle output from the plant. The cee’d model family – a Europe-specific model that incorporates hatchback and wagon body styles, as well as the three-door pro_cee’d – accounted for 36% of output, with the KIA Venga (European markets only) making up the remaining 9%.

KIA - Zilina 2014 record production 2

The biggest markets for the Zilina plant’s vehicle output remained Russia (18%), the United Kingdom (13%), Germany (9%), Italy (6%), and Spain (6%).

Of the 493 000 engines produced at the plant in 2014, almost half were exported to KIA’s sister company in the Czech Republic. The 1.6-litre petrol power unit made up 22% of engine output, with petrol engines constituting over 50% of total engine production at the Zilina facility last year.

“I am very proud we accomplished such amazing production results last year. At the same time, we were able to confirm our position as a leading manufacturing plant,” said Eek-Hee Lee, President and CEO of Kia Motors Slovakia.

“I would like to sincerely thank all of our employees for their creativity and huge enthusiasm for work. I believe that this year, thanks to the new models that we will introduce to our customers, we will again be able to fully use our production capacity,“ Mr. Lee concluded.

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KIA brings back the ‘80s with REWIND

KIA brings back the ‘80s with REWIND

January 22, 2015  |  General  |  2 Comments  |  Share

KIA Motors is bringing a selection of the biggest 80’s superstars to a city near you for the world-famous, ‘one-night only’

REWIND music festival. With three shows in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, music lovers can look forward to a massive line-up of top quality entertainment.

Returning to South Africa for the third time, the 80’s REWIND festival is the world’s biggest 80’s festival with three massive festivals in the UK, as well as events in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. First held in August 2009 in England, the event’s following has grown massively over the last five years and is considered a highlight on the festival circuit.

Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean

Headlining the South African tour is legendary singer, Billy Ocean, who has sold in excess of 30 million albums in his career. The ‘Caribbean Queen’ singer is joined by a number of international acts like Go West, Nik Kershaw, Wang Chung, Cutting Crew, Heather Small (ex-M People) and Katrina (ex-Katrina and the Waves), as well as South Africa’s Cinema and Face to Face.

Nik Kershaw

Nik Kershaw


As the headline sponsor of the event, KIA Motors will provide the organisers of the festival with three all-new KIA Souls for each festival which will be utilized for artist transfers in each city.

“The new KIA Soul was launched in South Africa towards the end of November 2014 and has already become a firm favourite in the KIA line-up thanks to its great styling, comfortable interior and practical space,” says David Sieff, Marketing Director for KIA South Africa. “And considering the wisdom of another great ‘80s artist, who agrees that it’s hip to be square, the all-new Soul is the perfect match.”

Heather Small

Heather Small


But it’s not only the artists who will benefit from KIA’s involvement: existing KIA drivers attending each concert will benefit from preferential parking if they arrive in a KIA, with a dedicated KIA-only parking area at each venue. KIA will also display the latest KIA vehicles – including the all-new Soul and enhanced KIA Rio – at each venue, and provide all the tools you would need for a night of fun and nostalgia, including hundreds of spot prizes for the best ‘80s-inspired outfits.


“The past and the present is intrinsically linked through our memories, and in many instances, music is that link,” Sieff continues. “We remember the songs we grew up with just as we remember our first car, for example. Few would argue that the ‘80s was one of the best decades for music and memories, and KIA is proud to be sponsoring an event like the ‘80s REWIND Festival.”


The KIA ‘80s REWIND Festival takes place at Carnival City Festival Lawns on Saturday, 31 January 2015, at the GrandArena at GrandWest in Cape Town on Thursday, 5 February 2015, and at the Growthpoint Kingspark Stadium in Durban on Saturday, 7 February 2015. Tickets are on sale from Computicket and more information is available from

Enter our 80’s Rewind Competition, in which you could win tickets for yourself and five friends to the festival.

Behind The Scenes: Making The Kia X-Car

Behind The Scenes: Making The Kia X-Car

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To celebrate the Australian Open 2015, Kia is presenting to the world the Kia X-Carbased on Kia’s all-new Sorento premium SUV. The Kia X-Car was inspired by Wolverine who fights the evil Sentinels with his invincible Adamantium claws in the latest X-Men series, X-Men: Days of Future Past. Watch the Kia X-Car “making of” film for a glimpse behind the scenes and an interview with the design team.

Main designer Jung Chul Lee shares the overall concept for the Kia X-Car and its design process. Wolverine’s identity is clearly emblazoned on the all-new Sorento’s front and back, where his signature Adamantium claws provide bold accents, and the ‘X’ on the grill stands for X-Men.

       Kia X-Car Wolverine

The spoiler was inspired by Wolverine’s spiky hair and the voluminous wheel arch gives the X-Car a morepowerful look. The interior seats also feature the X-Men’s signature ‘X’, and the claws are prominent on the front dash, completing the Wolverine-inspired Sorento.



“When I was offered this opportunity, I jumped at the chance to join this project,” Lee stated in his interview. “Although it was challenging to integrate the feel of a movie character into the car, it was a rewarding experience and our team really enjoyed the Kia Sorento show car production.”

So what do you think of the Kia X-Car? We’re sure that it will lend an added element of excitement to the Australian Open 2015.

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X-Men inspired Kia Sorento at Australian Open 2015

X-Men inspired Kia Sorento at Australian Open 2015

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If you are a fan of X-Men series produced by Marvel, look out for the Australian Open 2015. As the major sponsor of the Australian Open, held in Melbourne, Australia every January, Kia is teaming up with the X-Men heroes and tennis superstar Rafael Nadal to wow tennis fans all over the globe. We collaborated with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to produce the Kia X-Car, an X-Men inspired Kia Sorento, the third generation of the brand’s best-selling SUV. Watch the video below to see the Kia X-Men dream team take on the evil Sentinels who are threatening the Australian Open 2015:





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Nurburgring to Namyang: shifting the focus to performance and dynamics

Ex Vice-President of BMW Engineering joins Kia as focus shifts to driving dynamics.

Nurburgring to Namyang: shifting the focus to performance and dynamics

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-        Albert Biermann appointed as Head of Vehicle Test & High Performance Development

–       Appointment is part of a drive to develop vehicles that lead their segments for rewarding driving dynamics

–       Takes on responsibility for new high performance vehicles and technologies

With more than 30 years of experience in the development of high-performance vehicles, KIA welcomes the appointment of Albert Biermann, 57, as Head of Vehicle Test & High Performance Development for the Hyundai-KIA Motor Group, effective 1 April 2015.

Since 2008, Biermann held the position of Vice President Engineering BMW M Automobiles and BMW Individual at BMW M GmbH, Germany, after joining the German company in 1983. Over the years, he has played a key part in honing the performance and dynamics of some of the marque’s most acclaimed road and race cars.

Based at the Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D Centre in Namyang, South Korea, Biermann will lead the development of new high performance models, as well as oversee engineering projects relating to ride and handling, safety, reliability, and the mitigation of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), all of which will directly benefit all future KIA models.

Most notably, Biermann’s appointment will accelerate the roll-out of new high-performance vehicles and technologies, as well as help to improve the dynamic capabilities of cars across the range. The company intends to become a technical leader in ride and handling, producing vehicles that lead their respective segments for driver engagement.

“I couldn’t me more excited,” Biermann said at the announcement late in December 2014. “This is a company I have watched closely as it has taken on its key competitors and quickly established a strong customer base in Europe. 2015 is a key year for the brand with the launch of many all-new models, so I am really looking forward to the challenge.”

Woong Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai-KIA R&D Centre, added: “This is a senior engineering appointment and an important part of our effort to further optimize the dynamics of our vehicles, providing even greater rewards for keen drivers. Mr. Biermann has unrivalled credentials in this field and his expertise and experience will help us bring forward the development of new cars that are great to drive, as well as speed the transfer of innovative technologies and insights between our road-car and motorsport engineering teams,” he concluded.

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Kia surprises Guangzhou with the KX3 concept

Kia surprises Guangzhou with the KX3 concept

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 Kia Motors and our chinese joint venture partner, China’s DongfengYueda Kia (DYK), recently returned to the 12th China Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition, with 23 different models. But this year, Kia held a very special global premiere for a new concept car named KX3, a B-segment SUV that Kia is aimed exclusively at the Chinese market.

Kia KX3 Concept SUV

Kia KX3 Concept SUV

KX3 is an SUV concept with a smooth yet sporty and tough look. Its body is 2,460 mm long, 1,765 mm wide and has of 2,590 mm wheelbase to give passengers plenty of room. Its design will appeal to young and passionate Chinese consumers who pursue high-quality automobiles and an outdoor lifestyle. On top of its head-turning design, the KX3 concept is also highly praised for its outstanding specs. It is powered by 1.6-liter turbo gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) engine along with an advanced seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) that Kia is extremely proud of. These specs improve KX3’s engine performance as well as fuel economy, promising both a high degree of practicality and a great drive.


Besides the KX3, Kia and DYK also presented the third generation Sorento, which had its first overseas premiere at the Paris Motor Show in October. Stay tuned for many more surprises!


The new Sorento also made its Chinese debut at the show as well.

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All-new 2015 KIA Soul reboots its unique appeal: It’s Hip to be Square

All-new 2015 KIA Soul reboots its unique appeal: It’s Hip to be Square

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KIA’s second-generation Soul is an all-new 2015 model that introduces a smooth new-look exterior inspired by the 2012 KIA Track’ster concept, creating a thoroughly fresh, more grown-up appearance without losing its appealing character and individualistic edge.


Beneath the new panels, there’s an all-new platform (based on KIA Europe’s best-selling Cee’d platform), with a significantly stronger body shell and upgraded suspension to improve driving dynamics and ride comfort.

The original Soul generated immense loyalty among owners, and both existing and new buyers for the 2015 model will appreciate the latest iteration’s significantly quieter cabin, higher quality materials, increased space for people and cargo, plus the new range of available premium features and customising options.


The new Soul will build on the achievements of its predecessor, which has recorded global sales of more than 760,000 units since its introduction in late 2008.

“The KIA Soul has become one of our brand’s most popular export models, attracting loyal customers from a wide range of backgrounds across many countries – so it was important that the all-new model remained true to the original iconic design,” comments Soon-Nam Lee, KIA’s Vice President of Overseas Marketing. “Now, the introduction of the exciting second-generation Soul is a truly significant landmark for KIA.


“The Soul already has great emotional appeal, so our main focus with the 2015 model was infusing it with improved driving dynamics, developing a higher quality cabin and adding desirable features to highlight the new Soul’s fresh sophistication.

David Sieff, Marketing Director at Kia S.A commented, “The real excitement around the new Soul is the transformed appearance, broader range of features, improved dynamics and refinement, which will attract both existing and new customers to KIA showrooms.” He added that, “The interior and refinement is a big step up and will be a key focus area for all new Kia’s in the years to come”.

Second-generation Soul models are manufactured at Kia’s Gwangju facility in Korea, alongside the Carens and Sportage.

View the Kia Soul TVC:

Visit the Kia website for more information.

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KIA: the most satisfying brand to own according to South African consumers

KIA Rio is the year’s best “Compact Commuter”

KIA: the most satisfying brand to own according to South African consumers

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- “Brand Champion” award for KIA at 2014 Standard Bank People’s Wheels Awards
– KIA Rio outclasses its rivals to win “Best Compact Commuter” award

(Johannesburg), 14 November 2014. With nominations in nine of the 22 categories, KIA Motors continued its history of outstanding performance in the 2014 Standard Bank People’s Wheels Awards, which were presented at a gala event at the Montecasino Ballroom in Fourways, Johannesburg, yesterday.

KIA Marketing Director, David Sieff, receiving the Compact Commuter award from Standard Bank's Nicholas Nkosi

KIA Marketing Director, David Sieff, receiving the Compact Commuter award from Standard Bank’s Nicholas Nkosi

Presented annually by The Future Group, in association with Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance, research house TNS Global and media partner Sunday Times, the awards aim to provide consumers with an overview of the vehicles current owners and car enthusiasts considers the best.

More than 60 000 votes were cast over 22 categories in the 2014 survey (down from a more representative 30 categories in 2013), with the public boldly declaring that the striking KIA Rio is the year’s best “Compact Commuter”, leap-frogging the Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio to take this year’s top honours.

KIA Rio is the year’s best “Compact Commuter”

KIA Rio is the year’s best “Compact Commuter”

A former winner of its category, the KIA Picanto ended in second place in the “Budget Buys” category, while the merging of two compact SUV categories saw the KIA Sportage move down to second place in the 2014 results. The sporty KIA Cerato Koup finished in third place, after the BMW 2 Series and Audi TT Coupe, in the “Sport Coupes” category.

The KIA Picanto ended on second place in the “Budget Buys” category

The KIA Picanto ended on second place in the “Budget Buys” category

Additionally, a nationwide survey of vehicle owners was also conducted as part of this year’s People’s Wheels Awards. Drawing its biggest response ever, the survey determined which automotive brands were deemed to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction.

The record number of responses in this year’s survey saw KIA Motors emerge as the 2014 Brand Champion, unseating Mercedes-Benz at the top of the honours list, with Audi in third place. The win represents a giant leap for KIA Motors, which ended in third place in last year’s rankings.

David Sieff, Marketing Director at KIA Head Office commented, “It’s nominations and awards like these that really lifts the whole Kia team and everyone should be excited that we continue to make great strides in bringing fantastic product to the South African motorist. It’s especially gratifying that we have so many nominations, considering the emphasis of the survey was to score brands on reliability, driving experierience, looks and styling, and the fact that we have excelled when it comes to improvements in noise and vibration, ownership costs, cargo capacity and after sales service.”


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Parts availability: The key to success

Parts availability: The key to success

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From importing and retailing two model ranges through 12 dealerships in 1998, to eight complete model ranges sold through 70 dealerships, KIA Motors has seen dramatic growth and expansion in its sixteen years of doing business in South Africa.

With stellar sales across all the KIA model ranges, the KIA brand makes up a notable portion of the South African car parc. Yet it’s not only our cars that deliver on our brand promise, “The Power to Surprise”. With a state of the art Parts Distribution Centre, the company’s parts availability and exceptional service levels make up a critical part of KIA’s success in the local market.


Keeping a competitive advantage: a story of growth

Formed in 1998, KIA Motors South Africa (KMSA) initially operated out of a 40m2 warehouse in Kempton Park, from where the parts warehouse moved to a much larger, 500m2 facility in Springs in 1999. The next year, the parts warehouse moved a second time, and again to a larger, 800m2 facility in Germiston.

Kia Parts Distribution Center

In 2002, KMSA built a brand new Head Office in Meadowdale, which included an adjacent PDC (Parts Distribution Centre) covering a massive 2620m2. Moving the company’s existing stockholding into the new facility initially took up but a quarter of the available space, and despite a steady improvement in sales and the resultant increase in the vehicle parc, KMSA was able to prolong the life of the facility. This was done through innovative packing, the formation of regional hubs and effective stock management.


However, due to the considerable growth of KIA Motors in South Africa and an immense increase in vehicle sales over the past few years, even this facility proved insufficient.
By 2011 it was running far over its official capacity, signalling the need for a much larger, state of the art facility to address stock holding and overall parts availability in order to offer the brand’s loyal customers world-class service and quick turnaround times.

Investing in future growth

Representing a R65 million investment, KIA Motors South Africa’s new Parts Distribution Centre (PDC), located in Germiston, was operational by mid-January 2012, and officially opened as part of KMSA’s Annual Dealer Conference on 2 March 2012. It’s a state of the art facility that offers 5303m2 and a generous maximum storage height of 5m.

“We were very excited about the opening of the new Parts Distribution Centre in 2012, as it has had a notably positive impact on the business as a whole”, comments Hans Stenger, KIA Motors South Africa’s Parts Director.

“Because of increased storage capacity, we are able to offer a higher level of safety stock, which has resulted in better parts availability to all dealerships. It will continue to ensure high levels of parts availability and efficient distribution for years to come and has potential for further expansion when required,” he concludes.

Availability: the key to success

The facility currently holds stock in excess of R40 million, with 16 000 lines comprising all parts that move twice in a six month cycle. With such abundance of stock at hand, and especially on those line items that have high turnover, KMSA has been able to ensure that its dealer network can offer customers top-notch service levels with quick turnarounds.

“Parts availability is definitely not a problem for KIA Motors South Africa,” continues Hans Stenger. “Parts are ordered by the dealerships in real time and couriered from the PDC twice a day for delivery on the next business day. Our Gauteng-based dealerships can also collect directly from the PDC if a part is needed urgently,” he adds.

There are however certain parts, like trim items and wiring harnesses, that is not held in stock at KMSA’s Parts Distribution Centre and which must be ordered from KIA Motors Corporation (KMC) in South Korea.

“Often, these parts are slow moving or once-off items that are only produced in Korea upon request,” explains Mr Stenger, “making it unfeasible to keep it in stock. However, all parts ordered from Korea are shipped with air-freight to South Africa in order to be delivered in 10 working days,” Mr Stenger continues.

“Apart from the fact that these parts are produced on order only, the main reason why it takes longer to arrive in South Africa is because there are no direct flights from Korea to South Africa, and all shipments have to travel via Hong Kong or Singapore.”

Occasionally, KMC are out of stock on certain items, which add three to four weeks to the process. “In such instances, and if the service or repairs fall within the customer’s warranty period, we supply the customer with a rental car,” Mr Stenger concludes.

Award-winning service

KIA Motors South Africa’s pro-active position on parts availability has had a notably positive influence on the service levels maintained by the company’s dealer network and approved body repairers.

The South African motor industry offers a number of solutions for measuring business components such as parts supply, including the annual National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) Survey, which is divided into 13 focus areas of interest to the NADA membership at large, including aspects like Dealer Satisfaction, Communication and Relationships, Dealer Support and Parts, as well as Goodwill, Policy Claims and Warranty, to name but a few. In the most recent survey, KIA Motors South Africa again ranked highly for parts.

“The R40m worth of parts stock in our Parts Distribution Centre in Johannesburg represents three months of stock supply at distributor level,” says Cher Maharaj, Service Director at KMSA. “We also have a month’s parts supply on the water, on route from Korea monthly, and our dealer network carries a further month of stock.

“Furthermore, we have a supply rate of 96% to our dealer network on first pick, which is why we have a “no excuses” policy in place for our entire dealer network, including a prominently displayed toll free number – 0800 600 931 – that customers can use if they aren’t satisfied with the level of service received or want to query a delay in parts availability. All of this has contributed to the high levels of service and customer satisfaction our dealer network displays,” he concludes.

More proof that KIA has “The Power to Surprise”.

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Kia CSR: The Green Light Project

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As a global automaker, Kia always looks for chances to help make the world a better place, and Kia’s Green Light Project is just one of the ways in which Kia is giving back to local communities. As one of Kia’s leading corporate social responsibility projects, the Green Light Project provides children in underprivileged regions of the world with the resources to move forward—whether it is through schools, community facilities, or transportation. Most recently, Kia opened a Green Light School in Malawi, giving the local community in this Southeast African nation greater access to educational resources and encouraging social mobility.

Learn more about the Green Light Project and how it has been impacting the local communities in Africa through the video below which is being aired globally on Bloomberg TV starting today and throughout the month of November!

By 2016, Kia will be expanding the Green Light Project to include areas outside of Africa, helping the younger generation navigate its way to a better future. As a global automaker, Kia always seeks opportunities to help grow with local communities and firmly believes in the value of corporate social responsibility.

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Kia teams up with Michelin three-star chef to create the 'Taste of Kia'.

Kia teams up with Michelin three-star chef to create the ‘Taste of Kia’.

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Kia Motors is proud to announce its latest sensory branding initiative, aimed at enhancing customer interaction with the brand. ‘Taste of Kia’ is a collaborative project with Michelin 3 star-awarded chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and his wife Marja Vongerichten, who have created a range of unique dishes to reflect and embody two of Kia’s core brand identities: vibrant and distinctive.

The partnership between the renowned French chef and Kia has yielded two menus, based on global tastes and influenced by elements of Korean cuisine. Each of the menus employs distinctive and vibrant flavors and colors to reflect Kia’s youthful and fresh image. Jean-Georges describes the dishes as “approachable but luxurious”.

The unique culinary initiative features in-door and out-door recipes for three course meals.

The unique culinary initiative features in-door and out-door recipes.

Three ‘Signature’ recipes are designed to be served up as a formal meal, with a crab and avocado salad starter, a beef tenderloin with Gochujang-butter sauce main course, and dark and white chocolate mousse with strawberry and mint for dessert.

A pair of ‘Outdoor’ recipes – which take inspiration from street food stalls – consist of lobster sliders (miniature burgers) with green chili-infused pickles and gruyere cheese, and spicy grilled chicken barbecue skewers.

The out-door recipe consists of lobster sliders (miniature burgers) with green chili-infused pickles and gruyere cheese in addition to spicy grilled chicken barbecue skewers.

The out-door recipe consists of lobster sliders (miniature burgers) with green chili-infused pickles and gruyere cheese in addition to spicy grilled chicken barbecue skewers.

Signature recipes will be served at a number of Kia Motors events around the world for internal and external stakeholders, while Outdoor dishes will be served to the public at official Kia-sponsored events throughout the year. Outdoor recipes will also be shared on Kia’s official global website for consumers to make for themselves.

While continuing to record steady growth in global vehicle sales, we at Kia Motors have been looking at alternative ways to illustrate Kia’s distinctive brand identity to consumers. The ‘Taste of Kia’ is the latest stage in this campaign, and our collaboration with Chef Vongerichten has produced a range of dishes and recipes which reflect the youthful, lively image that we look to project to the world in everything we do,” commented Ike Kwon, Director of Global Brand Strategy Group, Kia Motors Corporation.

While continuing to record steady growth in global vehicle sales, we at Kia Motors have been looking at alternative ways to illustrate Kia’s distinctive brand identity to consumers. The ‘Taste of Kia’ is the latest stage in this campaign, and our collaboration with Chef Vongerichten has produced a range of dishes and recipes which reflect the youthful, lively image that we look to project to the world in everything we do,” commented Ike Kwon, Director of Global Brand Strategy Group, Kia Motors Corporation.

‘Taste of Kia’ is the fourth in a five-stage collaborative campaign from Kia to engage with consumers on a more emotional level and appeal to the five senses: sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

In October 2013, Kia launched a Kia Fragrance for body, home and car; and last month the fragrances’ packaging, designed in collaboration with Aekyung – one of Korea’s leading cosmetics companies, won the sought-after Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2014, one of the largest and most respected design competitions. The finely-crafted appearance of the packaging was also awarded a ‘silver’ distinction in the ‘Body-Beauty’ category for consumer product packaging this month at the 2014 Pentawards, the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms.

Meanwhile, earlier in 2014, Kia composed a sonic signature, named ‘The Rise of Surprise’ after Kia’s global brand slogan, ‘The Power to Surprise’, which represents the auto industry’s first-ever fully integrated brand signature sound applied to vehicles as well as numerous customer touch-points with the Kia brand.

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LeBron James named Kia luxury ambassador

LeBron James named Kia luxury ambassador

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Kia, the Official Automotive Partner of the NBA, welcomed yet another high-profile brand ambassador on board when ten-time NBA All-Star LeBron James signed a multi-year partnership with Kia Motors America (KMA) to represent the K900, also known as Quoris in some markets. As a renowned car enthusiast, James reached out to Kia to gain some firsthand experience with the brand’s flagship sedanHis personal experience with the Kia K900 directly led to the Kia endorsement deal with the most popular athlete in the U.S.

Kia's flagship K900 vehicle

Kia’s flagship K900 vehicle

James posted pictures of the car on Instagram in August, showing his genuine affection for Kia’s rear-wheel drive luxury sedan.

James posted pictures of the car on Instagram in August, showing his genuine affection for Kia’s rear-wheel drive luxury sedan.

The luxurious interior of Lebron James’ Kia K900

  LeBron’s instagram @kingjames

 “I was a Kia K900 driver and fan before we decided to become partners, so I’m really excited to be Kia’s first-ever luxury ambassador,” said the Cleveland Cavaliers star about his endorsement of the brand. James also explained what he and Kia as a brand have in common: “Kia and the K900 are out to challenge conventional wisdom and show people how to think differently, and I can relate to that. For me, a partnership has to beauthentic and real to who I am, and that’s what makes this one so special.”

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Avoiding Road Rage

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Deadlines, family commitments and infrastructure upgrades can make the daily commute a stressful experience. Including people’s different levels of driving experience introduces another dynamic to this volatile mix. Navigating such situations requires a driver who is mindful that heated exchanges can escalate to a point beyond what one can anticipate, this is why it’s important to have a plan. Here are some tips that can help.

1. Ensure you are in a calm state

It’s harder to focus if you are emotionally upset, ensure your are in a positive mood and a mind state that will allow you to focus on the road.

2. Plan extra time

If you have an important appointment, it’s best to plan extra time into your trip, doing so will alleviate any pressure you may feel when late.

3. Be a polite driver

Helping others is the first measure one can take in preventing road rage. This not only completely avoids precarious situations, but also avoids distracting yourself and the other driver while on the road.

4. Be aware of your surroundings and keep out of the way.

An aggressive driving style could be attributed to a number of factors; an emergency, a meeting, anger or depression. This is why it may be best to give an aggressive driver as much room to manoeuvre as possible.

5. Do not engage

Don’t make any gestures toward a driver that has made an error, remain focused on the road. If they begin tailgating, find the best opportunity to let them pass you. If they persistently follow you, make your way to the closest police station or public place.

6. Reflect

Always reflect on your driving after your trip. This will help you identify any negative patterns that may emerge from your mind state when you drive.


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Kia rises nine spots on 2014’s list of 100 Best Global Brands

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After being named one of Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands earlier this year, Kia Motors has jumped to number 74 on the definitive list of 100 Best Global Brands. This is nine spots ahead of last year’s ranking on the annual list put out by international brand consultancy Interbrand, which ranks the world’s most valuable brands. Moreover, Kia’s brand value has skyrocketed about 480% since 2007, after hiring Peter Schreyer as chief design officer and placing design at the core of its management philosophy.



Additionally, high-profile marketing campaigns including sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil andandAustralian Open 2014 tennis championship as well as recent new product launches (including the Soul EV) have all contributed to this year’s significant increase in brand value.



Interbrand attributes Kia’s “continued branding efforts, expressed in the slogan, ‘The Power to Surprise’” as having led to a successful repositioning “from a ‘low cost alternative’ brand to one that appeals to more design conscious consumers, or those who value an emotional connection to brands.” And fittingly so, we have recently launched new sensory branding campaigns, including Taste of Kia and a trademark Kia soundsignature.

Kia Motors vows to continue to step up our game in maintaining our image as a fun and exciting brand that resonates with our fans all over the world.

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Previewing the Paris Motor Show: All-new Kia Sorento and more!

The Kia Sorento makes its international debut at the Paris Motor Show

Previewing the Paris Motor Show: All-new Kia Sorento and more!

October 1, 2014  |  Concept Cars, News  |  No Comments  |  Share

Paris, we’re (almost) here! As always, the finest display of innovation and design in the automotive industry can be found at the Paris Motor Show. So you wouldn’t expect anything else from Kia in Paris this year, and we do have quite a lineup in store for the Paris Motor Show, which kicks off on October 2 for the media. From the highly-anticipated European debut of the all-new Kia Sorento to newly-updated versions of the popular Rio and Venga models, Kia’s design and tech is on full display along with the new Kia Optima T-Hybrid concept, showcasing the wide spectrum that Kia innovation covers.

But we are mostly excited to finally unveil the all-new third-generation Kia Sorento in Europe! The all-new Sorento showcases a smoother, swept-back profile and deeply sculpted surfaces that take the original model to the next level—with a more sophisticated, bolder on-the-road presence. We can’t wait to finally show it off in Europe at the Paris Motor Show.

Check out some of our best shots before it is officially unveiled overseas for the very first time!

The Kia Sorento will be unveiled overseas for the very first time.

The Kia Sorento will be unveiled overseas for the very first time.

 And here’s a preview of the enhanced Kia Rio and Venga, which will also debut at the Paris Motor Show:

The enhanced Kia Rio (left) and the enhanced Venga (Right)

The enhanced Kia Rio (left) and the enhanced Venga (Right)

The 2015 Kia Rio receives a slight visual makeover, with a fresh exterior and interior look, while retaining the core attributes that have proved so popular with owners. And the enhanced Venga continues to offer the practicality, versatility and reliability expected by European motorists, but now features a new-look front and rear, a more sophisticated cabin, new alloy wheels and an expanded range of options.

And last but not least is the Kia Optima T-Hybrid showcar, which will display the first practical application of Kia’s innovative new mild hybrid powertrain: 

The 2015 Kia Rio receives a slight visual makeover, with a fresh exterior and interior look, while retaining the core attributes that have proved so popular with owners. And the enhanced Venga continues to offer the practicality, versatility and reliability expected by European motorists, but now features a new-look front and rear, a more sophisticated cabin, new alloy wheels and an expanded range of options.

And last but not least is the Kia Optima T-Hybrid showcar, which will display the first practical application of Kia’s innovative new mild hybrid powertrain:

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Awesomeness amplified: the updated Kia Picanto

The new Kia Picanto gets a fresh new face.

Awesomeness amplified: the updated Kia Picanto

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-       Mild exterior update underlines sporty persona

The second-generation Kia Picanto has been turning heads since making its global premiere at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show and local market introduction in 2011. Completely redesigned, the new model – proudly featuring Kia’s iconic ‘tiger nose’ grille – moved the Picanto from ‘cute’ and ‘friendly’ to ‘mature’ and ‘handsome’, combining sporty styling, a high quality interior, frugal and efficient engines and exceptional levels of standard equipment to create a car that is, quite simply, awesome.

The Picanto was born from a simple idea: an affordable car should make no compromises on styling, features or technology. Three years later, the Picanto remains one of the most striking and comprehensively equipped vehicles in its segment.

However, thanks to a mild exterior update, the all-awesome Picanto now looks even sportier and sexier, confidently showing off the design and features that has garnered it multiple awards in the past four years. And with the latest Picanto, Kia Motors has proven that ‘affordable’ can also be ‘awesome’.

The refreshed Kia Picanto follows on from the award winning original.

The refreshed Kia Picanto follows on from the award winning original.

Award-winning credentials

Fresh off the mark following its European market launch in 2011, the Kia Picanto scooped a prestigious red dot design award in the Product Design category, coming out ahead of more than 11 000 other entries from more than 60 countries and marking Kia’s fifth red dot award in less than three years.

A few months later, Kia Motors scooped up an equally covetable iF product design award for the three-door Picanto (available exclusively in Europe) – the company’s fourth in three years. This award recognizes design quality alongside a number of other criteria, including workmanship, level of innovativeness and eco-friendliness.

But it’s not just about awesome styling. Thanks to its low tailpipe emissions and the advanced manufacturing processes used in the production of the Kia Picanto (as well as the Kia Rio and Optima), TÜV Nord, an independent technical inspection organization, certified all three models according to the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

In South Africa, the Picanto took top honours in the People’s Wheels Awards for three years in a row (2011, 2012 and 2013), has won numerous ‘Best Buy’ awards from multiple major publications, and was elected a finalist in the 2012 WesBank / SAGMJ Car of the Year competition, widely considered the most prestigious competition on the South African motoring calendar.

The Picanto's mild exterior update underlines sporty persona

The Picanto’s mild exterior update underlines sporty persona

Styling Level: Awesome

While the two-model Picanto line-up remains unchanged, enhancements to the exterior endows it with a sportier, sexier face thanks to a revised ‘tiger nose’ grille and a restyled front bumper.

The new grille is slightly larger, and features a silver painted bezel surrounded by beveled edges for a more expressive, three-dimensional visage. The ‘tiger nose’ on the range-topping EX model also features red bordering to separate the bezel from the black mesh grille, emphasizing its sporty appearance.

The new bumper incorporates a smaller kidney grille separated from the lower air intake, which is now narrower and positioned lower. The fog lamps are larger, as are the integrated fog lamp housings.

The Picanto’s strongly-sculpted, dynamic side profile and uncluttered rear styling remains unchanged. The 1.0 LX ships with 14-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers, while the 1.2 EX features sporty 14-inch alloys.

Kia Motor Corporation's Kappa engine does duty in the Picanto

Kia Motor Corporation’s Kappa engine does duty in the Picanto

Performance meets efficiency

Two of Kia Motor Corporation’s efficient Kappa engines do duty in the all-awesome Picanto, starting with three-cylinder, 998 cc unit producing 51 kW and 94 Nm of torque in the 1.0 LX. A four-cylinder, 1248 cc engine is utilized in the range-topping 1.2 EX, producing 65 kW and 120 Nm of torque. Both engines are mated to a five-speed manual transmission, but a four-speed automatic transmission is available as an option.

Both engines feature DOHC, dual CVVT (continuously variable valve timing), a cast alumninium block, off-set crankshaft, maintenance-free long-life timing chain and low friction ‘beehive’ valve springs. This combination of technologies have resulted in significantly reduced exhaust emissions, while allowing the Picanto range fuel excellent economy.

Features and technology: Uncompromised

The Picanto’s high quality interior has reflected the range’s newfound maturity since its debut in 2011, and this remains one of the Picanto’s major selling points. Major controls are arranged in an attractive, easy to use layout, while the thick rimmed, uniquely designed, two-spoke steering wheel and the signature Kia ‘three cylinder’ instrument cluster continues to reflect the consistency with which Kia’s new design philosophy is being used throughout the brand’s product line-up.

Features available on both models include manual air-conditioning, an under-floor trunk storage box, retractable dual cup holders and sun visors with vanity mirrors, as well as AUX/iPod/USB connections for the radio CD player with MP3 compatibility (the EX also sports steering wheel mounted controls and hands-free Bluetooth®.

Apart from a greater percentage of high-strength steel used in the construction of the Picanto’s bodyshell, greater rigidity is achieved through ring-shaped reinforcing loops within the B- and C-pillars, and across the floor pan and roof, plus additional bracing at the front between the cowl and suspension towers.

The 1.0 LX and 1.2 EX boasts driver and passenger airbags. ABS anti-lock braking is standard on the 1.2 EX, as is an ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) system. Sensors detect when the driver is braking suddenly and hard, and then flash the brake lights three times to alert motorists behind you that the car is slowing rapidly. All models ship as standard with ISOFIX child seat anchors.

Value proposition: Amplified

The Picanto 1.0 LX retails for R130 995* (R142 995* for the automatic version), and the range-topping 1.2 EX for R140 995* (R152 995* for the automatic version). All derivatives ship as standard with a five-year/ 100 000km warranty. A two-year/ 45 000km optional service plan is also available. For more information, visit

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Another innovation from KIA South Africa: Open and honest customer reviews

Another innovation from KIA South Africa: Open and honest customer reviews

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At KIA, we believe that our cars deliver what they promise: Surprise and driver satisfaction. That’s why we selected a new review system that offers full transparency, honesty and value to our drivers and prospective Kia owners.



This innovative review system runs independently of KIA and is 100% unedited. It’s called Reevoo and it’s a first for automotive brands in South Africa. New drivers are sent a review request within 1 to 2 weeks of starting their KIA driving experience and all the ratings are aggregated to score each model overall. KIA is allowed to offer them advice and additional information but only as a response. The most important thing for future KIA drivers is that they can get an honest opinion from current KIA owners and see for themselves if our cars will meet their specific needs.


On our website,, each model has a Reevoo section, allowing drivers to engage with us on a personal level, and see what other people are saying about their experiences.


By allowing drivers to categorise who they are (e.g. a commuter) and say what they like or dislike about the car, not only do we have our drivers telling us how they feel but it allows us to be honest with ourselves about what we offer. And so far, the Surprises have been the kind we like to hear.


Proof that innovation and honesty go hand in hand at KIA. The Power to Surprise.

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Soul Searching – A History

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Almost ten years ago, Kia was inspired to try something new. Innovation has always been our forte, so ‘trying something new’ actually wasn’t very new to us. But this time, it felt different. We were inspired by the style and practicality of the SUV, but wanted to build a car that carried versatile DNA and riding comfort of a sedan. All of this inspiration gave birth to the Kia Soul, which was first introduced as a CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) concept car at the 2006 North American International Auto Show as the brainchild of collaboration between our design studios in California and Korea. Since then, we’ve proven that innovation isn’t just a one-time affair—for us, innovation never stops

The Kia Soul, A History

Kia Soul, A History in sketches

Kia Soul Clay Model

At the 2009 NAIAS, Kia revealed the next concept car based on the Soul, named the Soul’ster, which was a roofless, 2-door, bright yellow adventurous utility vehicle with 19-inch wheels. The Soul’ster’s interior was redesigned with aluminum accents and focused on functionality over the homey, comfort-centric interior of the original Soul. The Soul’ster also took home a Red Dot award and was even named the 2009 North American Concept Truck of the Year. Innovation is definitely rewarding—but that’s not why we do it.

soulster concept

Over the next two years, the Soul underwent an upgrade—or more of a “facelift,” as we like to call it. While we stuck to most of the original features and improved mileage and safety features, upgrading the lamps to LED lights really gave the Soul a sleek new look.

Soul facelift with LEDs

In 2012 came the Soul in another concept car form: the Track’ster, a.k.a. the coupe version of the Soul. With an extended wheel base, the TRACK Track’ster showed off the Soul’s sporty side, getting much of its inspiration from the world of motorsports.


And this past October, Kia debuted the all-new Kia Soul, the second-generation edition that has taken its iconic design even further, accompanied by more customized features that keep it looking fresh including three two-tone roof/body color schemes, three types of colored wheels and three different interior colors. We wanted the Soul to fit into people’s lifestyles and preferences through a simple upgrade.

So… What’s next?


Well, the introduction of the new Soul is around the corner, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Avoid Car Break-ins With These Tips

Avoid Car Break-ins With These Tips

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Car break-ins are on the rise, prevent your vehicle from becoming a target with a little bit of vigilance and these tips courtesy of Wheels24.


• Do not leave valuable items of value lying in full view on car seats. Always make sure that your possessions are safely locked away in the boot when you are driving and whenever your car is parked in a public area.

• Park your car in a secure parking lot where there are lots of other vehicles.

• Lock your car when driving and when leaving it parked.

• Empty your car at the end of each day to avoid it becoming cluttered with stuff that could be eye candy to a criminal.

• Install window safety film. Not only will it serve as protection against potential smash and grab attacks but if you use a tinted film, it makes it more difficult for would-be criminals to see into the vehicle – especially at night.

• Watch out for car remote jammers. Once you have locked your car, physically check the doors that it is actually locked.

Learn more about the latest car break in statistics at Wheels24.

Kia Builds New School In Malawi

Kia Builds New School In Malawi

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As a global automaker, Kia is always seeking opportunities to grow with local communities and firmly believes in the value of corporate social responsibility (CSR). For Kia, this just means giving back to the community—which is why Kia launched the “Green Light Project” for communities in Africa, which help build facilities, such as new schools, that aim to provide improved access to health care and education by supporting the sustained growth of the community.

Today, Kia takes another great leap in the Green Light Project with the opening of a new Green Light School in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, a small country located in Southeast Africa. Kia has built a secondary school in Lilongwe, where the majority of residents receive minimal medical care and the children’s secondary school enrollment rate is under 30 percent. With the new Green Light School, Kia hopes to help local residents have greater access to educational resources and continue to grow together as a community.

Kia plans to continue supporting the local members and students by supporting local after-school programs over the next five years. The ultimate goal of the Green Light Project is to encourage social mobility so that the local community can be self-reliant and sustainable.

Kia employees step out

Another big part of the Green Light Project is to bring together Kia employees for meaningful social activities and engage them with Kia’s corporate values. Prior to this Green Light School opening in Malawi, just last week, a group of 24 Kia employees visited Tanzania to support the project.

Green Light 2

During the 10 days of their visit, volunteers helped with school facility construction and renovation, school bus maintenance training, in-class educational activities and home-visit programs. They even hosted an intramural sporting event for the local communities to come together and have fun.

Kia-Green-Light-Project-Malawi 3

Kia has also funded the construction of a secondary school in Mozambique and several health clinics in Malawi. Kia plans to invest in the Green Light Project until 2018. In this way, Kia plans to extend the Green Light Project to other regions and continue turning the ‘green lights’ on for those communities in need.

5 tips for getting your car ready for spring and summer.

5 tips for getting your car ready for spring and summer.

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You’re not the only one in a rush to get your body ready for the warm spring and summer months. Your car also needs to get ready for the heat. Check out our five practical tips to help you get your car ready for the warm season.

sportage beach

Check the cooling system. The number one reason that cars break down during the summertime is from engine overheating and cooling system failure. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, first, check that there is no debris around the radiator—a blockage in air flow can lead to overheating. Make sure to check your car’s coolant levels regularly. The coolant must be replaced at least once every two years. Also, be sure to check the radiator cap before summer starts, as they tend to get cracked or damaged. *Tip: Your radiator’s coolant and water mixture should be 50:50.





Make sure your A/C is working. Don’t wait until you’re sweating buckets to find out that your air conditioning system is broken. Make sure it’s running properly by checking the filter. If it doesn’t feel as cool as it once did, make sure to take your car to an authorized Kia service center.


Inspect your windshield wipers. Many of us will likely run into a few summer rain showers in the coming months, so it’s crucial to make sure your wipers are in tip-top shape. Because they’re made of rubber, wiper blades tend to be susceptible to higher temperatures, so make sure your blades aren’t worn-and-torn. If they are, replace them! And make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid—things can get rough on those summer road trips, and keeping your windshield clean is a must.



Monitor your tire pressure. Always have your tire pressure checked about once a month. Use a tire gauge to monitor your car’s tire pressure, but make sure to check them after they’ve cooled down and after the sun sets, as pressure tends to rise in higher temperatures during the day. Also, be sure to have your tires rotated every 8 000 – 10 000km’s


Wash your car! This may seem like a no-brainer, but giving your car a thorough wash is absolutely necessary to prepare it for the warmer weather. During colder months, cars are more susceptible to internal damage due to the bombardment of ice, sand and filth that comes with dry terrain. Make sure your car is squeaky clean—inside and out, including the wheel wells and underbody. Keeping your car clean also prevents premature degradation of auto parts.

So make sure to get your car ready for the heat—inside and out—so you can fully enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

First look at the all-new Kia Sorento

First look at the all-new Kia Sorento

August 11, 2014  |  General  |  8 Comments  |  Share

Today, we give you a first look at the official photos of the all-new Kia Sorento. The all-new Kia Sorento, Kia’s flagship SUV gets a fresh look for 2015. Check out the official photos below!

The third generation Kia Sorento showcases Kia’s hallmark design with more space and a number of innovative features. The new look is an upgrade of the current Sorento model, incorporating fresh visual elements inspired by the Kia Cross GT concept that debuted at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Show and carrying over the long bonnet and the distinctive wide D-pillars from the previous Sorento.


The front of all-new Sorento features a more upright and larger ‘tiger-nose’ grille, with a distinctive three-dimensional diamond pattern, and long, swept-back headlamps. A lower roofline, higher beltline and more muscular, rounded shoulders at the rear give the car a dynamic appearance.



The sleeker look is enabled by a longer (95 mm longer— now 4,780 mm)* and lower (15 mm lower— down to 1,685 mm) body, while a longer wheelbase (80 mm longer—now 2,780 mm) allows for more passenger space in all three seat rows.

The all-new Kia Sorento will be showcased in Korea at the end of this month and will make its European premiere at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Stay tuned—we have more in stories this month!

* Vehicle length dimensions are for the European specification model.

Premium look and luxury features for cabin of 3rd generation Kia Sorento

The third generation Kia Sorento’s cabin will raise the bar for luxury in its segment

Premium look and luxury features for cabin of 3rd generation Kia Sorento

August 5, 2014  |  General  |  1 Comment  |  Share

The third generation Kia Sorento’s cabin will raise the bar for luxury in its segment, thanks to a modern, wrap-around dashboard, high quality soft-touch materials and a range of advanced on-board technologies. Together, these developments will enhance the ownership experience of the brand’s popular CUV.

Concept sketches of the 3rd Generation Sorento were released recently

Interior styling was led by the brand’s design team in Frankfurt, Germany, which cited the finest modern Swiss watches as a key influence during the design phase. The smoothly-contoured cabin features a higher proportion of soft-touch materials, leather and stitching, as well as Kia’s latest HMI (human-machine interface). A large infotainment screen dominates the center of the dashboard, which employs long, flowing shapes to envelope the driver and front passenger and to emphasize the width and space of the larger cabin.

The all-new Kia Sorento will be showcased in Korea in late August, and is due to make its European premiere on Thursday 2 October at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. Watch the creation of the new Sorento here

Bold and sophisticated styling for third generation Kia Sorento

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The all-new third generation Kia Sorento will be unveiled in Korea next month, featuring bold, swept-back exterior styling.

The new model sports a lower roofline, higher beltline, more muscular stance, rounded shoulders at the rear, and deeply sculpted body surfaces. Together with a larger, more upright ‘tiger-nose’ grille, these design changes raise the aesthetic sophistication of Kia’s best-selling SUV. Styled at Kia’s design studios in Korea, Germany and the USA, the new Kia Sorento will be showcased in Korea at the end of August, and is due to make its world motor show premiere on Thursday 2 October at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.


Click on the following link to view a short video of the third generation Sorento being rendered at Kia’s design studio in Korea:

Spring Cleaning Tips for your Car

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Springtime is around the corner and you know what that means. It’s time to throw out those filthy fast food cups, wipe down that dusty dashboard and let in some fresh air to dispel that smell that’s been bothering you for the last 3 months. Yes, it’s time for some spring cleaning and we want to share six simple tips using common household items to properly clean your car interior without a fuss. Let’s start with the ceiling.

1. Ceiling: If the ceiling of your vehicle is made out of fabric material, wiping it too hard with a wet cloth may cause some fuzz. You want to make sure you use a slightly damp washcloth made out of superfine fibers and you can add a bit of neutral detergent as needed.

2. Dashboard: You can wipe the dashboard down with a washcloth and use a car brush or toothbrush to dust any hard to reach spaces.

3. Handles & Steering Wheel: Many cars have leather handles, so you may be tempted to use household leather care products, but it’s not advised. These can make your steering wheel slippery and hinder you from having a good grip. We recommend keeping a dry cloth in your glove compartment to wipe it down every now and then.

4. Heater: Use a dry cloth and cotton swabs to easily access those narrow vent spaces. It’s good to clean these areas to help prevent any allergies and respiratory ailments caused from too much dust.

If you smell something foul when turning on your heater – It could be fungus or a special surprise from a skunk. Mix some mustard powder in warm water and spray small amounts into the vents. Afterwards, run your heater on the strongest mode for 4-5 minutes. This is a very effective way to eliminate odour.

5. Car Seats: Car seats are often the culprit of unpleasant stenches (Think about all the spills, pets and people that have been in your car). You can certainly use various products to clean your seats, but as the saying goes, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ so try to wipe down seats often. Leather seats are easier to clean with a damp cloth and a bit of neutral detergent. For fabric seats, spray water mixed with a neutral detergent and wipe down the seats with a damp cloth, followed with a dry cloth. Make sure to keep the windows down to allow the upholstery to dry completely.

6. Car Floor Mats: For rubber, simply spray it down with soapy water and wipe, and for fabrics, you can always use your household vacuum.

Hopefully we’ve shared some tips you can put to good use and make your car squeaky clean and ready for spring.

GT4 Stinger and upcoming Kia Soul nab top design awards

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When it comes to design, Kia is reaching new heights, and we are being recognized for our innovation. The GT4 Stinger and upcoming Kia Soul once again proved their car design prowess, especially after the Industrial Designers Society of America awarded Kia with a pair of prestigious design awards. The GT4 Stinger concept and the upcoming Kia Soul earned Silver and Bronze honors, respectively, in the transportation category of the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

Since handing over the reins for design work to chief design officer Peter Schreyer in 2006, our vehicles have been consistently praised by the media for innovative, European-inspired design direction. In particular, the IDEA honor is the third major design achievement for the upcoming Kia Soul, which also received the Red Dot and iF design awards earlier this year.

GT4 Stinger—turning heads

The wild style child of the team at Kia Design Center America, the GT4 Stinger was named Autoblog’s “top debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.” Kia’s most aggressive concept car ever—and a true enthusiast’s machine—is an authentic rear-drive 2+2 sports car, making the GT4 Stinger right at home on the track. Under the hood is a tuned version of Kia’s race-proven 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injected (T-GDI) four-cylinder engine, which puts out an impressive 315 horsepower. Read on and see more photos of the GT4 Stinger here.

Upcoing Kia Soul—with design in mind

The upcoming Kia Soul design is recognized as one of Kia’s most distinctive designs. With longer and wider dimensions than the previous Soul model, the 2014 Soul leaves more passenger and cargo room without compromising the vehicle design. The sporty, SUV-like styled Soul hosts an array of cutting-edge technologies. Read more about the history of the Soul’s design here.


We Make Surprises: Our Latest Brand Film

We Make Surprises: Our Latest Brand Film

July 21, 2014  |  General  |  No Comments  |  Share

What kind of brand is Kia? This is one of the first questions that any company asks itself when setting out to define its brand image. The answer for Kia came from the concept of ‘surprise.’ And our conclusion was simple: Kia simply wants to help customers re-discover the element of surprise in their daily lives.

From that initial idea, Kia has grown into a brand that is powered by ‘surprises.’ Kia’s global brand slogan, ‘The Power to Surprise,’ is the philosophy that guides the principles by which our cars are manufactured and designed, and also the way in which we approach life. And this power to surprise also provides the creativity for those very surprises to make even more surprises. Watch our latest video that captures the essence of the Kia brand.

Kia: We Make Surprises

Green Driving: fuel efficiency tips

Green Driving: fuel efficiency tips

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Global warming is a shared issue facing all of us, and numerous carmakers, including Kia, are making their best efforts to develop eco-friendly vehicles to help offset their environmental impact. However, there are some things that you as drivers can start doing today to help in this worldwide action towards a greener planet. Today on Buzz, we’ll show you some simple tips to become a green driver while saving some money at the fuel pump along the way.

1. Weight: Many of us have a ton of useless things in our cars that we don’t need for our everyday commutes. Reducing weight can significantly cut down on fuel consumption, so lighten up your load.

2. Remove Roof Racks: Take them down when you are not using them. Roof racks can create wind resistance, which increases fuel consumption.

3. Tyre Pressure: Occasionally checking your tyre pressure at the fuel pump is a great habit to develop. Did you know that for every 6psi a tire is deflated below its stated pressure, fuel consumption increases by 1%?

4. Refueling: Avoid overfilling your fuel tank since spilled fuel evaporates and releases harmful emissions.

5. Drive with the windows up: This reduces air drag for better fuel efficiency.

6. Limit air conditioning use: We tend to overdue the A/C and using more than needed will consume more fuel.

7. Switch off the engine: If you’re stuck in a traffic jam where you will be stationary for more than two minutes then turn your engine off.

8. Harsh acceleration and braking: This action can use up to 30% more fuel and can cause wear and tear on your vehicle.

9. Control your speed: Did you know that travelling at less than 15mph (24 km/h) creates the most pollution? Your level of pollution decreases as your speed increases up to 60mph (96 km/h), but travelling over this limit will start increasing your pollution levels again.

10. Careful motorway/highway driving: The concertina effect is caused when one motorist brakes sharply and causes the traffic behind to slow down to a near stop due to the delayed reaction of drivers behind. We can anticipate and judge our necessary speed by observing three or four car lengths ahead and giving ourselves some distance from the car in front. When you see a car bake up ahead, simply remove your foot from the accelerator. By the time you get close to the car in front it would have speeded up already. Not only will this increase your fuel efficiency, but you can stop the concertina effect from happening.

These habits are just the beginning, but they will all add up in the long-run and contribute towards a better earth and your own personal fuel savings.

Rio de Janeiro: The 2014 Capital Of Football

Rio de Janeiro: The 2014 Capital Of Football

July 12, 2014  |  Kia Global, News  |  No Comments  |  Share

On July 13th, Rio de Janeiro will become the epicentre of world football when Germany take on Argentina in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil final.

Come Sunday, a total of seven World Cup games, including the final, will have taken place in Rio. Join comedians and football fans Mark Watson and Henning Wehn as they give an entertaining run down of Rio from the wheel of a Kia Soul.

In this insert, Mark and Henning visit the Maracana Stadium, play football with cars and immerse themselves in Baile Funk culture which originated in Rio’s favelas.

Argentina: What Makes A Great Football Nation?

Argentina: What Makes A Great Football Nation?

July 11, 2014  |  Kia Global, News  |  1 Comment  |  Share

Argentina have successfully made it to the final and will take on Germany on 13 July.As the home of legends such as Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, Argentina have never lacked players with raw talent.

In this installment, Henning Wehn and Mark Watson visit Argentina to find out what makes the 2014 FIFA World Cup finalists such a great footballing nation.

They search for raw football skill in the slums of Buenos Aires and chat to some of Argentina’s most iconic footballers to find out their secrets to success.

Lastly, they visit ex-Argentine player Ricky Villa’s farm to experience Argentina’s world famous cattle rearing culture.

Kia named one of Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands again

Kia named one of Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands again

June 26, 2014  |  Awards, General, Kia Global, News  |  No Comments  |  Share

Kia Motors has been a rising star among the global automotive brands in terms of environmental friendliness, most recently ranking 35th out of 50 global brands in international brand management consultancy, Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Green Brands.

Read More
Kia 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ TV commercial

Kia 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ TV commercial

June 23, 2014  |  Competitions, News  |  No Comments  |  Share

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ is here, and as the top football players from all over the world are playing their hearts out in Brazil, Kia will ensure all officials and players at the World Cup are transported in style.

Our recently released Kia 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil TV commercial shows a fun interpretation of the behind-the-scenes preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. We got some inspiration from our own vehicle assembly lines to ‘assemble’ and set up for the football festivities from our point of view. Check out the fun commercial featuring the one and only Kia Sportage—and get excited for what’s to come. We can’t wait!

Remember to stay tuned for more updates and ‘like’ our Facebook page to stand a chance at winning awesome World Cup related prizes in our #KiaInRio competitions.

Kia drives the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

Kia drives the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

June 10, 2014  |  Kia Global, News  |  No Comments  |  Share

This summer, Kia is officially responsible for the transportation of all teams, officials, delegates and official VIP during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. As an Official Automotive Partner of FIFA, Kia handed over the 410-vehicle fleet during a handover ceremony at Arena de Sao Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Kia will ensure the smooth and efficient transportation by providing vehicle models from its wide-ranging lineup to the Organizing Committee for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, including the stylish Sportage CUV and capacious Sedona’ in some markets). Meanwhile, in the lead-up to this year’s tournament, Kia also provided 93 vehicles for pre-tournament preparations such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Official Draw event.

In addition to the official vehicles, a ‘Kia Roadside Assistance Team’ will be available 24-hours a day throughout the event. The team will provide various emergency services to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers of official vehicles. During an emergency, the Roadside Assistance Team will be available to drivers through number from a hotline sticker placed inside each official car for prompt assistance.

In the lead up to kick-off, Kia has been conducting several programs that invite football fans around the world to actively participate and enjoy the tournament. Among them, the Kia Mascot Friends program selects 42 children from 25 countries to participate in actual World Cup matches wherein they will accompany the official World Cup mascot–Fuleco the Armadillo–onto the pitch at half time.

Meanwhile, Kia’s five-a-side Champ into the Arena promotion invites amateur football teams from all over the world to compete against each other for an opportunity to compete for the title of World Champion in Brazil while also attending an exciting 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ quarter-final match.

For more about the Kia’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ activities and events, click here.

Staying Sustainable

Staying Sustainable

June 6, 2014  |  Kia Global, News, Technical  |  1 Comment  |  Share

People are noticing how much effort Kia puts into staying green and sustainable. Recently, Kia, along with its sister company Hyundai, was named the greenest automaker in the U.S. in an annual ranking of the eight top-selling automakers made by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), an independent nonprofit organisation. The rankings are based on carbon and smog-forming emissions from each automaker’s vehicles, and we came out on top because of the green technologies incorporated in our vehicles that reduce environmental impact. This recognition follows Kia’s entry onto Interbrand’s list of “50 Best Global Green Brands 2013” in 37th place.

The bigger Kia worldwide operations get, the greener our vehicle production gets. Bigger yet greener? Yes indeed. We make it happen because we believe that sustainability points us to a greater and brighter future. Here, we break down the numbers for you on Kia’s continued efforts towards sustainability and lessening our environmental impact.

At Kia’s production plants in Korea, which are responsible for 46% of our global vehicle production, we saw a 4.7% decrease in average CO2 emissions per vehicle in 2013, in addition to a 6% decrease in water consumption at the facilities.

The three major vehicle manufacturing facilities, located in Hwasung, Sohari and Gwangju, South Korea, are committed to greater investment into reducing unit waste and recycling with a combination with employee initiatives and improved technology.

In 2013, 1.31 million cars (46% of total production) and 1.26 million engines were produced at the three facilities, yet these facilities have dropped their water consumption by 30% since 2003. In addition to this CO2 emissions were reduced by 788,000 tons, equivalent to the annual carbon intake of around 30.44 million pine trees.

Maintaining a sustainable workflow in any sector plays a crucial part in protecting our environment and making the world a better place to live for the future generations to come. We are committed to looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment whether it is through our facilities or vehicle production processes.


KIA Hits The 30 Million Mark

KIA Hits The 30 Million Mark

June 4, 2014  |  General, News  |  2 Comments  |  Share

Kia announced that its cumulative global sales have exceeded 30 million vehicles since Kia produced Korea‘s first three-wheeled vans, the K-360, 52 years ago in 1962.

Have a hard time wrapping your head around what 30 million cars looks like? If 30 million Kia Optimas (also known as the K5) were lined up bumper-to-bumper it would span some 40,000 kilometers, equivalent to 3.6 times the circumference of the earth.

The Kia Rio (also known as the Pride) has been the all-time most popular so far, with about 3,460,000 vehicles sold. The second-most popular vehicle is the Kia Sportage, with approximately 3,110,000 sold, followed by the Kia Sorento, with about 2,020,000 sold worldwide since its introduction in 2004.

This wasn‘t an easy achievement. It was the result of fine-tuning and change within Kia as a company itself—starting with management normalization during the Asian financial crisis in the 1990‘s, then expanding sales globally to regions such as North America and Europe, and gaining a greater reputation internationally as an world-class vehicle manufacturer. And in 2007, Kia decided to revamp its management philosophy by introducing a new corporate culture centered around innovative design and technology. As a result, the Kia Soul was presented with a Red Dot Design Award in 2009, and has regularly made appearances in the awards list since.

Kia is committed to manufacturing only the best vehicles for our customers all around the world, and achieving these sales numbers could not have been done without our fans across the globe.

So, thank you! Here‘s to the next 30 million.

FedGroup-Itec emerge victorious in the 10th edition of the Sani2C Mountain bike race.

FedGroup-Itec emerge victorious in the 10th edition of the Sani2C Mountain bike race.

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Kia Sponsored mountain bikers Kevin Evans and Max Knox cruised to victory in the 10th edition of the Sani2C race at the weekend. The pair completed the final stage of the race in fifth position with an aggregate time of  8:57:45, placing them first overall, with a lead of over three minutes.

The Sani2C win brings Fedgroup Itec’s tally of wins to nine races out of ten events, with Knox taking three and Evans claiming six of those wins. In the women’s category, Kia sponsored winner Ariane Kleinhans of the RECM team, claimed the top spot with an aggregate time of 9:49:56.

The Kia team would like to congratulate the winners and commends all participants of the gruelling 265Km race. Visit the Fedgroup Itec website for updates on the team.

Fuel For The Future: The Green Light Project

Fuel For The Future: The Green Light Project

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When it comes to driving, we all know that green means “go”. Unfortunately for some, in life, the light is red—not because of their own inabilities, but because of the surrounding environment. In an effort to give more people the ability to “go”, Kia has invested in the ‘Green Light Project,’ an ongoing social outreach project first started in 2012 that helps communities on the African continent by providing facilities and support for sustained growth. As an automaker, Kia promotes the universal right to mobility, as well as the availability and provision of new opportunities for a better life. Target regions are selected after much careful consideration, and there we build either a Green Light Center or a school, whichever meets the community’s most pressing needs.

In addition to the community facilities and schools, Kia provides vehicles like school buses to help transport children to and from the various facilities. Vehicles provided for the Green Light Centers are outfitted as moving health clinics, libraries, and video education centers to provide healthcare and educational services to residents of nearby villages. Currently, there are three Green Light Projects in Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique.

In Motion

Nagashanqui, Tanzania, the site of the first Green Light Project, currently has three educational facilities in place—a middle school, high school, and a daycare center—attended by a total of 600 students, grades K-12. There are also three school buses that help transport the students to and from the schools and center. The second site for the Green Light Project was Salima, Malawi. These projects are long-term endeavors that end once the communities are deemed to be self-reliant, after about five years of support.

This August, volunteers from Kia will be making a community service trip to the first site of the Green Light Project in Tanzania. We also plan on implementing two new Green Light Project initiatives in Ethiopia and other regions within the next year.

The ultimate goal of our project is to help communities stand on their own feet. By equipping them with the right resources, we hope to help these communities gain access to opportunities that they may not have had before.

The Green Light Project best exemplifies our commitment to growth, not just in local communities, but all around the world. Kia’s take on social responsibility is to provide others with ‘a better way to go’—a principle that continuously guides the ways in which we give back to our community.

 Singer Songwriter Natalie Chapman Completes Epic Journey Against Violent Crime

Singer Songwriter Natalie Chapman Completes Epic Journey Against Violent Crime

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Natalie Chapman has completed what was considered by many to be an impossible task. 90 Performances in 90 consecutive Days in 90 Different Towns. Covering over 13 500kms and reaching 1000’s of South Africans with her message of hope, motivation and music!

On Tuesday, 29th April 2014 at P.O.P Art Theatre in Fox Street Johannesburg she performed her 90th consecutive gig in 3 months.

The objective of the tour was to reach 1 person in each town to either encourage survivors to speak out about their experiences in order to find healing and also to motivate and mobilise everyday South Africans to get involved in helping women, men and children who have suffered an ordeal.

Music and Mission unite!

Many said she couldn’t do it but she has proven that passion and dogged determination to make change can drive you to extra ordinary heights. All the way she has carried the flag and tried to raise awareness for the incredible organisation The Epic Foundation who focus on empowerment of survivors of trauma Founded by Lead SA Winner Alta McMaster.

The project was an idea Natalie Chapman had in July 2013 and although the bulk of the self-funded project, the bookings, marketing and organisation have been done single-handedly by Chapman, as her journey has moved forward she has met what she calls “#90Days angels” who have been inspired by her message and have jumped on board in trying to make this epic journey a success.

Apart from spreading her message at the performances in Community Halls, Restaurants, Golf Clubs, Live Music Venues, Backpackers etc. she has also visited many shelters, Children’s Homes and Schools during the day to motivate and encourage our youth to protect themselves, speak out when they are victims and change the future of the country by being involved in creating better communities for themselves.

Towns Visited:

Pretoria, Bronkhorstspruit, Nelspruit, Dullstroom, Graskop, Groblersdal, Marble Hall, Hartbeespoort , Rustenburg, Potchefstroom, Wolmaransstad, Kathu, Upington, Pofadder, Springbok, Lamberts Bay, Clan William, Calvinia, Williston, Sutherland, Wellington, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Gordons Bay, Cape Town, Tulbagh, Zonnebloem, Tableview, Noordhoek, Somerset West, Hermanus, Grabouw, Robertson, Swellendam, Oudtshoorn, Knysna, Plettenburg Bay, Jeffreys Bay, Port Elizabeth, Neui-Bethesda, Graaf Reinet , Hogsback, Horse Shoe Valley, Cintsa, Stutterheim, Queenstown, Komga, Elliot, Mclear, Matatiele, Kokstad, Port Shepstone, Paddock, Umkomaas, Glenwood, Hillcrest, Ballito, Durban, Eston, Hilton, Escourt, Bergville, Clarens, Bethlehem, Rosendal, Bloemfontein, Brandfort, Ficksburg, Fouriesburg, Tweeling, Vrede, Welkom, Kroonstad, Fochville, Deneysville, Vereeniging, Glen Vista, Cullinan, Muldersdrift, Kensington, Alberton, Sandton, Rosebank, Linksfield, Nasrec, Centurion, Randburg, Parkview, Kyalami, Johannesburg

The stories of inspiration and mobilisation after her visits are pouring in and everyday South Africans have in their own capacity begun to make a change in their communities.

1 woman on an Epic Mission!

Natalie Chapman – The Voice

Natalie is a successful and well-known Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Radio DJ, Lecturer, Music Promoter, Booking Agent, PR person and staunch supporter of South African Talent which she pursues through her company The Local Element.

Her blend of Country/Blues/Folk original music and dynamic performances are well sought after by a wide and diverse fan base.

In Natalie’s own words:

“This journey has been life changing for me. I could never have guessed that what many South Africans needed was to simply start a conversation they had never had before. That planting the seed would be enough. I am more determined than ever to tell my stories and inspire individuals to get involved in the solution to this dire situation.

The reality is we cannot change our society, government and police overnight but we can make small changes in our own lives and the lives around us that could impact one person at a time and in time have an enormous positive effect.

I knew the statistics before I left but I could never have imagined that I would meet so many survivors and so many apathetic citizens. I have tried to challenge people to get up and get involved in alleviating the terrible conditions that Victims of Violent Crimes find themselves in. It’s time to start being kind to victims and to ostracize the perpetrators, not the other way around. One person can make a difference.

This had been the most challenging, gruelling, emotional and exhilarating months of my life. I am exhausted, inspired, motivated and excited about what I have started. This is only the beginning” – Natalie

The Epic Foundation

The Gauteng-based EPIC Foundation was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having experienced various traumas in her own life, Alta has a deep understanding of how lonely and helpless one can feel if no-one reaches out a helping hand. Having experienced these situations in life encouraged her to provide that helping hand to others in the form of assisting with the empowerment of survivors of trauma.

Kia Motors South Africa

As the official vehicle sponsor of ShoutSA, one of South Africa’s leading crime fighting organisations, Kia Motors South Africa is excited to be part of this initiative. “At Kia Motors South Africa we are passionate about making South Africa a safer place for all and initiatives like these are crucial for raising awareness about important social issues”, comments David Sieff, Marketing Director, Kia Motors South Africa.


As one of the main sponsors, Kia Motors South Africa has sponsored a brand new Kia Sportage aptly named “Mamelo/StrongWoman” to Natalie’s cause, which was used by her to travel to and from 90 destinations around the country. “We are proud to be associated to this project and wish Natalie all the best’, concludes Sieff.



Community Involvement

The project could not have been successful without the support of individuals, businesses and organisations in each town. From sponsorships of Accommodation, venues, food, organising and involvement the towns added their contribution to the Epic impact the #90Days tour has made. It is so true: Together we can make a difference!

Win Tickets To The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

Win Tickets To The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final

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Kia Motors South Africa is giving a lucky football fan and their partner a chance to win a trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil!

To enter, all you need to do is test drive any Kia, take a selfie with Fuleco, the Brazilian World Cup mascot, then upload the image to the World Cup App on Kia Motors’ Facebook page. Alternatively, you can enter by uploading the selfie to Instagram or Twitter using the #KiaToBrazil hashtag. The trip includes flights, accomodation, tickets and selected meals.

The competition closes on the 18th of May, so entrants are encouraged to visit their nearest Kia dealership now.


*Terms and conditions apply

All-new Sedona makes global debut in conjunction with the New York International Auto Show

All-new Sedona makes global debut in conjunction with the New York International Auto Show

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- Completely redesigned midsize multi-purpose vehicle raises the bar in the segment with innovative technology, style and added safety features

– With its modern appearance and CUV-like cab-forward design, the all-new Sedona completes the restyling of Kia’s entire lineup under the direction of Peter Schreyer

– Available in seven- and eight-passenger configurations, the 2015 Sedona advances value to new levels of sophistication with advanced safety features and available driving-aid technologies, premium materials and amenities

Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s premier urban playgrounds, Kia Motors America (KMA) today took the wraps off the all-new 2015 Sedona midsize multi-purpose vehicle in New York City. As the final chapter in Kia’s design-led transformation story – which began in 2009 and has seen a comprehensive makeover of Kia’s entire model line under the direction of chief design officer Peter Schreyer – the all-new Sedona’s CUV-like styling and proportions offer all of the functional convenience of the segment while defying its design limitations. In addition to innovative European-inspired design, the 2015 Sedona also delivers the exceptional interior volume buyers expect in the segment with ample passenger and cargo room and a quiet and comfortable cabin. Following the philosophy that has guided Kia’s recent succession of highly successful redesigns, the Sedona advances value to new levels of sophistication with a host of segment-leading new technology and upscale features, all of which will be offered in a new premium trim level – SXL – which will be available when U.S. sales are scheduled to begin in the late third quarter or early fourth quarter of this year. Pricing will be announced closer to the Sedona’s launch date.

“Throughout the development process, our engineers in the U.S. and Korea focused on adding the element of desire to the all-new Sedona with improved driving dynamics and power and the incorporation of modern styling cues, premium materials and technology,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, KMA.
“Combined with a host of active and passive safety features and technology, the completely redesigned Sedona retains the functionality the nameplate has always been known for, while rising to meet the diverse needs – and tastes – of today’s consumers.”

Modern, Confident Exterior
Transcending mundane functionality, the Sedona’s wide stance exudes a modern, CUV-like exterior appearance highlighted by a front fascia and cab-forward design that project confidence and strength. The Sedona’s muscular face and clean, smooth look is highlighted by a fully integrated version of Kia’s signature grille and headlamps with LED positioning lights. The wheelbase is 1.6-inches longer than its predecessor, and the side profile, with its reduced front and rear overhangs, combines with the deeply swept windshield and available 19-inch alloy wheels to create a distinctive look. Meanwhile, the rear design layout, with LED taillights, integrated bumper guard and standard roof spoiler, presents a broad, stable bearing.

Open, Relaxed, Configurable Interior
Despite its overall width and height remaining virtually unchanged, the all-new Sedona provides more front shoulder room, greater leg room in the front, second and third rows, as well as a slightly higher hip-point, improving outward visibility for the driver. The horizontal design cues across the instrument panel create a greater sense of width, and the generous use of soft-touch materials adds to the all-new Sedona’s premium ambiance. The Sedona’s proportions provide flexible seating in both seven- and eight-passenger configurations and a multitude of storage options. The front center console is unique to the segment and allows for generous and cleverly convenient storage space between the front seats. Second row Slide-n-Stow tracked seating slides and folds upright to allow for “on-the-go” cargo hauling while eliminating the hassle that comes with removing heavy and cumbersome middle seats. The all-new Sedona also offers the choice of second row “First Class” lounge seating that can be positioned rearward for astonishing legroom and provides retractable lower leg rests. And while some configurations feature segment-unique second-row seat cushion heaters for added comfort, all 2015 Sedona models offer a third-row that provides the convenience of a split folding 60/40 in-floor retractable design.

The Sedona also is the only vehicle in the segment outfitted with standard YES Essentials™ fabric technology to provide anti-microbial protection from spills, anti-static protection from irritating electrical shocks as well as stain-repelling and stain-releasing fabric characteristics appreciated by anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

The Sedona’s sophisticated interior design theme is brought to life with a modern color palette featuring solid or two-tone color options in beige, gray and burgundy for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The top-line SXL trim features standard ultra-soft Nappa leather seating surfaces throughout the cabin, the same Chromium-free leather found in the K900 luxury sedan.

Driving Dynamics and Safety
The 2015 Sedona is built on an all-new chassis with static torsional stiffness that is 36-percent greater than its closest segment competitor. The body is 76 percent Ultra High Strength Steel (press hardened) or High Strength Steel, which provides exceptional rigidity, durability and collision protection in a lightweight design. For enhanced roof strength, the Sedona has been engineered with reinforced pillars that distribute impact loads with ultra-high-strength steel tubes that run inside the A-pillars. Extensive use of adhesives and large diameter welds also add to Sedona’s overall structural integrity and strength. Together with Kia’s patented technology, the 2015 Sedona is targeted to earn the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 5-Star overall vehicle safety rating.
The rigid and durable chassis provides a solid base for road-trip readiness. The 2015 Sedona utilizes Amplitude Selected Dampers (ASD) to strike an optimal balance of ride comfort and handling. The platform also has revised rear cross-member bushings, an isolated rear sub-frame with longer trailing arms and added rear strut reinforcement, all of which combine for improved dynamic ride characteristics. Additionally, the 2015 Sedona is expected to be among the quietest in the segment thanks to wheel-house padding, double seal sliding doors and an expanded use of sound-deadening foam in the engine compartment, reducing noise and perceived harshness over rough pavement.

Under the hood, a new Lambda Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) 3.3-liter V6 engine replaces the 3.5-liter V6 found in the previous generation Sedona. The 3.3-liter engine, which is also found in the Sorento CUV and Cadenza premium sedan, delivers more power than its predecessor, boasting 276 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, and it has been tuned for enhanced mid-range torque, offering 248 lb.-ft. at 5,200 rpm.

A three-step Variable Induction System (VIS) improves engine “breathing,” automatically adjusting the volume of the air pulled into the combustion chamber to create the optimal air-to-fuel mix under different engine load conditions. Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) combined with a piston-cooling oil jet improves engine cooling efficiency, while engine components, including piston rings, piston skirts, valve tappets, timing chain guide and valve springs are all of a low-friction design.

Finally, the new 3.3-liter V6 engine is mated to a six-speed automatic transmission tuned for balanced control, power and efficiency.

Abundant Safety Features and Driver Technology
Throughout the design and development process a high priority was placed on active and passive safety features as well as technology, resulting in one of the most technologically advanced vehicles in the segment. All Sedona models come standard with active safety features such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC)8, Traction Control System (TCS)8, Brake Assist System (BAS)8, Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)8, Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)8 and Antilock Braking System (ABS)8. Additional technologies such as Roll Over Mitigation (ROM)8 and Cornering Brake Control (CBC)8 also were added as standard equipment for improved dynamic control and safety.

New optional driver technology, including Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)8, Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS)9, Smart Cruise Control (SCC)9, Blind Spot Detection (BSD)9 and Rear Cross Traffic Alert9, help provide Sedona drivers with a more convenient and secure daily driving experience.

Comfort & Convenience Features
From front to back the Sedona offers numerous convenience features, including Kia’s first application of the newest high-power (2.1 AMP) USB charging port and a 115-volt AC outlet to charge small electronics as well as a dual glove box that offers a cooled lower storage area. For easier parking and vehicle maneuvering, the Surround View Monitor8 provides real-time images from cameras placed around the vehicle. Smart Welcome, automatically illuminates the door handles and unfolds the power retractable side mirrors when a vehicle key fob is detected. A hands-free “Smart Tailgate” opens the rear lift gate automatically when the key fob is sensed for three seconds, and its programmable function can be tailored to the user’s height preference.

The new Sedona will be launched to the South African market during the second quarter of 2015. Pricing and specification levels will be communicated at this point.

“The new 2015 Sedona is the final model in the Kia range to receive the refreshed tigernose look, originally introduced for the first time in 2006”, comments David Sieff, Marketing Director, Kia Motors South Africa. “We are excited to welcome the new Sedona to South Africa in 2015. The Sedona is an important model for Kia, and will give us a strong offering in the MPV segment .”

Win Tickets To SAMA 2014

Win Tickets To SAMA 2014

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Kia Motors South Africa has given the South African Music Awards a splash of red and would like to invite one stylish fan to this event. In order to stand a chance at winning this amazing prize, Kia followers can either Tweetpic or Instagram their fierce red carpet look using #KiaRedCarpet.

We have given the SAMAs some red, so participants should be sure to do the same to their outfits.

Follow the link to view all entries:

Follow Kia Motors South Africa on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest Kia News and competitions.

See you in Sun City!

Introducing The Kia Record Of The Year

Introducing The Kia Record Of The Year

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South Africa is a very diverse country and this is reflected in the numerous nominated categories at this year’s South African Music Awards (SAMA’s). Each year, local artists get nominated in their various genre categories by an esteemed panel of judges. Record of the year (one of the most important categories at each year’s event), however, is solely determined by the public.  It’s the one category at the SAMA’s where music fans from across the country get actively involved in determining who’s going home with the statuette. It’s the ultimate test for the best local tune – a vote to determine which is the most popular South African record of the year.

For a third consecutive year, Kia Motors South Africa is partnering with RISA as the official vehicle partner of the 20th annual South Africa Music Awards, This year, Kia Motors South Africa is glad to announce itself as the headline sponsor of the popular Record of the Year category. The KIA RECORD OF THE YEAR will generate excitement amongst the public who relish the opportunity to get involved and see their favourite song take top honours.


Whoever takes home the KIA RECORD OF THE YEAR at SAMA 20 depends on your vote, so start SMSing.. It’s the most loved local song of the year! The competition for this one is tight and the result is a win for music democracy. Stand up and be counted! Make your vote count!

The WINNER will be announced on 28 April 2014.



A BlackByrd I Feel Good Today
B Connell Cruise Not Just Friends
C Danny K Brown Eyes
D DJ Ganyani Xigubu
E DJ Kent Ft. Liquideep Top Of The World
F DJ Kent Ft. The Arrows Spin My World Around
G DJ Vetkuk Vs Mahoota Ft. Dr Malinga Via Orlando Remake
H Donald Over The Moon
I Fistaz Mixwell & DJ Hloni Ft. Mellow Soul Im Free
J Goldfish Ft. John Mani One Million Views
K Heavy K Ft. Mpumi Wena
L Jimmy Nevis Heartboxing
M Jimmy Nevis In Love With You
N Khaya Move
O Khuli Chana Mnatebawen
P Liquideep Welcome Aboard
Q Mafikizolo Happiness
R Mafikizolo Ft. Uhuru Khona
S Matthew Gold Ft. AKA No Ordinary Guy
T Mi Casa Jika


(sms charged at R1.50, FREE SMS’ES DO NOT APPLY and there is a limit of 10 votes per mobile phone)

Stand a chance to win a VIP Experience at SAMA 20 with KIA and meet the KIA Record of the Year Winner. Please refer to Kia’s Facebook page at or for more information, terms & conditions.

Kia Cerato Sets The Pace

Kia Cerato Sets The Pace

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The Kia Cerato recently impressed in a compact sedan shootout which saw it go head to head against formidable contenders in its segment. Facing stiff competition from the likes of the Toyota’s Corolla and Hyundai’s Elantra, the Cerato was chosen as the best all round value offerings.

In the shootout, Car Magazine, one of South Africa’s biggest motoring publications, summed it up perfectly in these words,’ If lots of spec for your money and a sporty visage are required, then the Cerato will appeal the most. The article also went on to say that when compared to its rivals, “the Kia makes more sense.” Important in a segment where practicality and value are key, undoubtedly an awesome feat for the Cerato, proving Kia’s Power To Suprise.



2014 Cansa Shavathon a great success

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The KiaTake40 team recently hosted a live broadcast from the 2014 CANSA shavathon in which Kia donated R100 000 to the cause.

The Kia Rio Sedan Crowned Champion in Car Magazine's Annual Top 12 Buys

The Kia Rio Sedan Crowned Champion in Car Magazine’s Annual Top 12 Buys

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Every year, CAR magazine features an annual 12 Best Buys competition in its March edition of the magazine. All vehicles launched to the South African market during the year are judged against rivals in various categories and awarded accordingly.

Vehicles in each category are debated by CAR’s team followed by a vote for the winners. The judging criteria for this competition is quite strict and only vehicles driven by CAR’s team are eligible. Complete vehicle ranges are considered, and an in-depth analysis and comparison is conducted around the vehicle’s personality, price and performance. Careful consideration is also given to public perceptions, and is highlighted in the process.

On 4 March 2014 the Kia Rio Sedan was announced as the overall winner in the Light Sedan category at CAR magazine’s TOP 12 Annual Best Buys awards function.  CAR magazine describes the Rio sedan as a vehicle that represents great value with high specification levels. Over and above the result, the Kia Rio Sedan was also the reader’s choice by a margin of 30% in its category.  Kia was also well represented in some of the other categories, with both the Rio hatch and Cerato Sedan as runners-up in the Light Hatchback and Compact Sedan categories respectively.

“This is a special accolade for the Kia brand and shows the hard work that Kia Motors and the South African operation has put into the Kia products”, comments David Sieff, Marketing Director, Kia Motors South Africa.

Since its initial launch to the South African market in November 2011, the Kia Rio has received numerous awards.  On 15 December 2011 Independent Newspapers South Africa, holding group for Star Newspaper, IOL and The Cape Times among others, announced the Kia Rio hatch as the overall winner in the k9q17ph “Best small/budget car” category in their Motoring Car of the Year competition. The publishing group described the Rio hatch as a car “that blends trendy styling with impressive ride quality and neat handling” and as a B-segment car with a “larger than average” interior.

On 13 December 2012, the Kia Rio sedan took the top honours in the Motoring Car of the Year competition, resulting in a second consecutive win for this model range.  The publication describes this vehicle as a sedan that has a “spicy look that should attract young buyers”. Its interior is also described as very spacious, offering good leg- and headroom, with finishes and built quality described as “German-rivaling”.

When asked how he felt about the Kia Rio’s award winning history, Sieff had the following to say: “The Kia range sells itself, and for consumers in the market looking for a vehicle, the Kia brand has a lot to offer. We realise that it’s not just about our great cars, but we have to keep our Kia owners happy. We are working tirelessly to grow our dealer network and provide and exemplary level of service ”.

To date, the Kia Rio has been one of Kia Motors South Africa’s best sellers with demand for the vehicle remaining at high levels since its launch in November 2011.

“The style, design, features and overall value offering of the Rio is hard to beat and it makes my job that much easier when a product can compete on all levels”, Sieff concludes.


Kia Motors shows next-generation technology at Geneva Motor Show

Kia Motors shows next-generation technology at Geneva Motor Show

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-       European debuts for new Kia Soul EV and GT4 Stinger concept car

–       New hybrid powertrain technology and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission on display

–       Enhanced Sportage and upgraded Optima Hybrid also shown

–       All-new pedelec Kia Electric Bicycle promises up to 40 km range

The new Kia Soul EV made its European debut at the 84th Salon International de l’Automobile in Geneva, Switzerland, today alongside a special technology exhibit of the brand’s next-generation hybrid powertrain. These debutants were joined on the stand by the enhanced Kia Sportage and upgraded Optima Hybrid for the European market, as well as the GT4 Stinger concept car, which made its global debut at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, and a new pedelec Electric Bicycle.

Embodying the iconic design of the recently-launched second-generation Kia Soul, the new Kia Soul EV will become the brand’s first globally-sold electric vehicle when it goes on sale globally later in 2014.

The Soul EV is a front-wheel drive electric vehicle with a high-capacity 27 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack and class-leading 200 Wh/kg battery cell energy density. Power comes from an 81.4 kW electric motor producing a generous 285 Nm of torque. The vehicle will appeal to city commuters thanks to a driving range of around 200 km on a single charge.

Buyers of the Soul EV will benefit from its accomplished ride and handling and high level of refinement thanks to the car’s low centre of gravity, revised platform and chassis and new materials designed to reduce noise, vibration and harshness.

To maximise the efficiency and potential range of the Soul EV, the vehicle features a number of energy-saving technologies that reduce load on the battery and increase maximum driving range. These include new advanced heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technologies, including a world-first ‘driver-only’ individual ventilation system, four-mode regenerative braking and a battery heating system.

The Soul EV will also be one of the most practical EVs on the market as a result of minimal intrusion by the battery pack into the cabin and cargo space. As with every other Kia model sold in Europe, the Soul EV will guarantee owners peace of mind thanks to Kia’s unique 7-Year, 150,000 km warranty.

As well as showing new production-ready low emissions vehicles at Geneva, Kia is displaying a a new hybrid powertrain technology, developed by the brand’s European R&D center for use in future Kia models around the world.

The hybrid system consists of a 48V lead carbon battery connected to a small electric motor, increasing the internal combustion engine’s power output. The battery also supplies energy to an electric supercharger, which increases torque and power at low engine speeds.

Under the right conditions, the new hybrid powertrain can drive a car in electric-only mode at low speeds and while cruising, while the battery is recharged under deceleration. And when the car is stationary, the technology also acts as a zero-emissions stop-start system, performing this function with almost no noise or vibration as it is a belt-starting system. The technology also enables Kia engineers to reduce the size – and weight – of its vehicles’ existing 12V battery.

Lining up alongside the new hybrid powertrain system, Kia also revealed details of its all-new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT).

The first seven-speed transmission from the Korean manufacturer has been engineered to deliver both greater fuel efficiency and improved performance. Engineers have been targeting a seven percent improvement in fuel efficiency and a five percent improvement in 0-100 kph (62 mph) acceleration. NVH has also been a key focus for the team behind the DCT’s development, with an external damper ensuring a high level of refinement for the new transmission.

Unveiled earlier in the year at the North American International Auto Show, Kia’s stunning GT4 Stinger Concept appears in Europe for the first time at Geneva. The GT4 Stinger, created by Kia’s California design team, moves Kia in a bold new styling direction and has maximum driving enjoyment central to its appeal.

Powered by a 315 ps 2.0-litre turbocharged gasoline direct injection (T-GDI) four-cylinder engine, the eye-catching 2+2 sportscar seeks to involve the driver as much as possible, with a six-speed manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive. As a statement of the concept’s dynamic intent, the car is fitted with all-round independent double-wishbone suspension, a high-downforce carbon fibre front splitter and front-brake cooling vents. The signature Kia grille sits low to the ground for maximum engine cooling and cold-air induction.

While there are currently no plans to bring the concept to production, Kia has a history of delivering production vehicles that bear a strong resemblance to the concepts that precede them, and the GT4 Stinger provides an enticing glimpse into Kia’s possible future.

Responding to customer feedback and developments in the increasingly-competitive European marketplace, Kia also showed the enhanced Kia Sportage. The compact crossover, the brand’s best-selling model in Europe with more than 89,000 sales in 2013, receives small but significant upgrades to its modern exterior, as well as a refreshed interior design and new materials throughout the cabin.

Also making its European debut, the upgraded Kia Optima Hybrid receives a number of visual changes and is  fitted with a range of new features, including Kia’s third-generation regenerative braking system with greater braking feel and response, a new touchscreen interface specific to the Hybrid system and a new (optional) High Tech Pack of driver assist systems.

Production of the upgraded Optima Hybrid is scheduled to start in Korea during April 2014 and the new model will go on sale in Europe and other markets later in the year.

Kia unveiled two prototypes of its latest zero-emission vehicles to a specially invited media audience, a pedelec Electric Bicycle, which is designed to appeal to commuters thanks to a range of around 40 km on a single charge and a four-hour recharge time. Two models are shown at the salon – the City model, for urban use, and MTB, for tougher terrain.

The Kia Electric Bicycle (KEB) concept is propelled by a 250 Watt electric motor producing a generous 45 Nm of torque, and powered by a 36 volt, 10 amp lithium-ion polymer battery pack which is easily detached for recharging. The KEB weighs around 20 kg in total, and has a top speed of 25.0 kph (15.5 mph) to comply with EU regulations.

Designed and engineered by at Kia’s Namyang R&D Center in Korea, the KEB features an innovative monocoque metal frame, produced by an advanced metal stamping technology and a robotic welding process – resulting in automotive industry quality control. The two prototype KEB models are made using a frame, electric motor and power pack manufactured in Korea, together with brake and gear components from Shimano in Japan. Final assembly was carried out in Germany.

Media and public reactions to the prototype KEB will be monitored closely by Kia Motors Corporation, 70 years after it first manufactured bicycles in Korea during 1944.


Guest Blog: Natalie Chapman's 90Days campaign against violence continues.

Guest Blog: Natalie Chapman’s 90Days campaign against violence continues.

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Natalie Chapman is embarking on a journey that will see her perform 90 gigs in 90 towns over the course of 90 days. Kia has lent support to this initiative by providing Natalie with a Kia Sportage which will transport her over the length and breadth of South Africa. This is her diary.

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Kia Motors South Africa launches the newly enhanced and upgraded Sportage

Kia Motors South Africa launches the newly enhanced and upgraded Sportage

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Kia’s third generation Sportage was originally launched to the local motoring media on 31 August 2010 and has proven to be one of Kia Motors South Africa’s most popular models. To date, the Sportage has received numerous design awards including an IF-design award, a Red Dot design award, as well as an award in the Automotive Brand Contest. On the international front, the Sportage has been awarded numerous Car of the Year titles, while locally it was announced as a finalist for the 2011 Wesbank South African Car of the Year competition. Its most recent accolade was awarded in December 2013 where the Sportage was crowned as the overall winner in the SUV and Cross-over category in the Annual Standard Bank People’s Wheels Awards.

“The third generation Sportage was very well received by both the public and the South African motoring media”, comments David Sieff, Marketing Director, Kia Motors South Africa. “The Sportage has been one of our best selling vehicles in the range and this can be attributed to its stylish looks, competitive performance, state of the art features and overall value proposition.”

On 18 February 2014, Kia Motors South Africa will launch the newly enhanced and upgraded Kia Sportage. The Sportage receives small but significant upgrades to its modern exterior as well as a refreshed interior design and new materials throughout the cabin.

The upgraded Sportage will be available in two engines: a smooth 2.0 D-CVVT petrol engine and a more powerful 2.0 VGT CRDi diesel engine. The petrol engine is more refined than before and is now paired with a six-speed manual and automatic transmission, resulting in improved fuel consumption.

The steering on the diesel models change from hydraulic assisted steering to motor driven power steering. The enhanced Sportage is more refined than the current model, with a number of changes designed to minimise noise, vibration and harshness.  Sportage will be available in three packages: the entry level Ignite model, only available in petrol, along with a 2WD package and the top of the range, full house AWD package, both available in petrol and diesel.

A refreshed exterior

Various changes have been made to the exterior. The front grille has been re-moulded resulting in a high-tech and stylish appearance, while changes to the front fog lamps and lower bumper amplify the vehicle’s dynamic proportions. The newly designed 17” – and 18”  alloy wheels improve vehicle rigidity and contribute to a refined driving experience and enhanced N.V.H levels. The re-designed rear combination lamps are striking and add a touch of sportiness to the rear. 

An improved driver space: comfort and convenience features enhancements

The newly upgraded Sportage’s driver space is improved and features many enhancements. The door upper trim features soft padding with newly developed IMG (In-Mould Graining) processed textures and offers a higher quality finish. Tweeter speakers are repositioned from the door upper trim to the quadrant cover to offer better sound reproduction.

The AWD models feature a new supervision cluster, newly designed centre fascia and a state -of-the-art Infinity sound system. The supervision instrument cluster features a new 4.2-inch TFT LCD screen which provides digitally displayed vehicle information. The dot-matrix centre fascia display on the previous Sportage AWD model is replaced with a 4.3-inch TFT LCD touch screen, which doubles up as a rear-view camera display when reverse mode is activated. The Infinity sound system has a sub woofer, external amplifier and built-in hard drive that has music storing functionality.

The centre console storage binnacle now features a detachable tray which can accommodate small items.

Engine line-up and transmission

The Nu 2.0 CVVT gasoline engine offers a more refined driving experience. The engine generates power of 116kW @ 6200 rpm and 192 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. The old 5-speed manual gearbox on this model is replaced by a smoother and more refined 6-speed transmission, which results in improved fuel consumption. The diesel 2.0 VGT CRDi engine delivers maximum power of 130 kW @ 4000 rpm and 382 Nm of torque between 1800-2500 rpm. Both engines are available in 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

 Improved driving experience and NVH levels

The new Sportage offers a quieter and smoother driving experience thanks to multiple improvements on the core areas of the body structure. The soundproof windshield glass helps to reduce wind noise, while improvements to the core areas of the body structure, such as the bush-mounted sub-frames reduce the penetration noise caused by acceleration.  The new transmission mounting brackets enhance the rigidity of the mounting system. Compared to the previous model, road noise has been improved by 1.3 dB while wind noise is improved between 1 and 4 dB.

“Its always a challenge improving on a vehicle that has significantly raised the bar in the SUV space, but the areas of focus for this facelift have again pushed the Sportage into the spotlight as a great car to live with and enjoy”, Sieff concludes.

At launch, the  upgraded Sportage will be available in eight colours: Clear White, Bright Silver, Mineral Silver, Sand Track, Black Cherry, Vintage Blue, Signal Red and Sage Green. All models come standard with a 5-year / 150 000 km warranty (up from 100 000km), a 5-year / 100 000 km service plan and a 3-year / unlimited roadside assistance plan.

Kia electrifies with the Soul EV

Kia electrifies with the Soul EV

Kia electrifies with the Soul EV

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Automotive fever hit the Windy City this week with the Chicago Auto Show (CAS), calling all car lovers to admire the latest motor industry trends. Our theme for the 2014 Chicago Auto Show was “eco-friendliness.“ The 2015 Kia Soul EV, Kia’s first mass market electric vehicle, made its grand debut at the CAS today, along with the world premiere of the refreshed 2014 Optima Hybrid and the first North American showing of the Niro hybrid concept.

Kia goes electric

The Soul EV is Kia’s first all-electric, zero-emissions car to be sold in the U.S. and expands the brand’s line of environmentally conscious vehicles. The Soul EV offers an expected 120-160 kilometres in range when fully charged, and integrates more than 20 bio-friendly materials on the interior.

It comes with a new individual ventilation system, which reduces energy consumption by only providing ventilation and heating to the driver. This is different from current electric vehicles on the road, in which closing the vents merely diverts hot or cold air through other vents in the car while energy consumption remains the same.

The Soul EV uses Kia’s third-generation regenerative braking system to capture up to 12% of the car’s kinetic energy, which is fed back into the battery while the car is coasting and braking. The Soul EV plugs into any standard 120v outlet or a conventional 240v EV charger.


From the “floating” roof to the greenhouse that makes the car look like it is wearing wraparound sunglasses, the Soul EV’s look is inspired by the 2012 Kia Track’ster concept and retains the iconic square-shouldered broad stance of the original Soul. The Soul EV is another innovation showing Kia’s commitment to increasingly efficient mobility.

Kia fans can share their thoughts on the Kia Soul EV vehicle by tweeting their opinions along with the #SoulEVBuzz tag. The best tweets will be shared will be used at the Geneva Motorshow.

Guest Blog: Natalie Chapman's 90 Days campaign against violence with Kia

Guest Blog: Natalie Chapman’s 90 Days campaign against violence with Kia

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Songstress Natalie Chapman is embarking on a journey that will see her perform 90 gigs in 90 towns over the course of 90 days. Kia has lent support to this initiative by providing Natalie with a Kia Sportage which will transport her over the length and breadth of South Africa. During this time, Natalie will be sharing her adventure with guest blogs right here on Kia Buzz.

Natalie Chapman

#90Days 90Towns 90Gigs

Week 1: 30th Jan – 5th February

With all the planning and anticipation building for the last few weeks I was feeling nervous, excited and ready for my Epic Mission around South Africa. Feels good to be doing something that is going to make a difference in people’s lives. The idea for the tour came 6 months ago and since then its been a rollercoaster ride of incredible serendipity and unbelievable challenges. I have not worked this hard in my life, and I’m a workaholic. Just 3 weeks before the tour started I didn’t have a vehicle to do the tour with. My old car wouldn’t have made it to Day 4. Then I did an interview on Radio 702 and my absolute chance Gary Scott from Kia heard me speaking about the transport issue. Kia came in like a group of angels. Managing to bring a brand new Kia Sportage to Joburg and branding the vehicle in record time. I have named her “Mamelo” meaning “Strong Woman” in Tswana. With a safe beautiful car in the picture I was at last ready to embark on the greatest journey of my life.

Thursday, 29th January Day#1 – Pretoria (Gauteng)

The day began furiously with last minute packing and final arrangements. I hadn’t slept more than a few hours a night for weeks and the adrenaline rushing through my veins was all I needed to find the energy to keep on. First stop was Jakaranda Kinderhuis to visit the previously abused and abandoned children that are trying to fight their way back to a normal life. The visit was emotional and very rewarding. We chatted and I sang them a couple songs. I was humbled by their appreciation and very moved by their tears and smiles. This felt so good!  Next we moved on to Café Barcelona for the soundcheck and gig that night. I was joined by some amazing local musicians who gave up their time to support the cause. Alta Mc Master from Epic Foundation also joined me for the kick off. After a great evening I drove to Bronkhorstspruit to get a bit of shut eye. The journey had finally begun. Day#1 of #90Days – Tick

Friday, 30th January Day#2 – Bronkhorstspruit (Gauteng)

Up at 06h00 and off to Highschool Erasmus to join the pupils for their assembly. Considering the stats of abuse and Violent Crime in South Africa I was aware that the majority of the children in front of me could relate to my concerns about the situation we are living in in South Africa. Their reaction was totally unexpected and once again I knew for sure that I was on the right path. No rest for me though and I spent the rest of the day working on upcoming gigs and online videos and updates. We had planned to visit another local school in the afternoon but the principle called to cancel because the school had been threatened with violence by the strikers. They were burning down police stations and libraries and were now targeting the school. Scary stuff.

The show at Sinkshack that night was brilliant. The town came out in force and supported the project both financially and with words of encouragement and applause. Local artists Dawie De Jager and Deon Dee lent their talent to the event with some of their own tunes. Two very talented men.  Went to bed with a big smile on my face. Day#2 of #90Days – Tick

Saturday, 1st February Day#3 – Nelspruit (Mpumalanga)

Managed a few hours of solid sleep and enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Sinkshack Coffee Shop before bidding farewell to Deon and Anita. There was time for a stop at the Buddhist Temple which is always very special. They were preparing for the Chinese New Year the following day so the Temple was very festive. Always blows my mind standing in a Temple in the middle of Bronkhorstspruit. A unique experience.

Back on the road and off to Nelspruit. Our first long drive in Mamelo and she is a legend. So comfortable, economical and smooth. We are towing a trailer and with her power you can’t even feel it. I was still figuring out all her features and having fun doing it. So off to Stoep for the gig which turned out to be another great evening. I met a 3 time rape survivor who has decided to start an Epic Foundation Group in Nelspruit. Really special lady and so were the rest of the audience. Koos from Stoep had arranged for us to stay at a local resident Hennie’s place for the night. His home is right beside the river and I took the opportunity to unwind after the show by listening to it racing by. Although his home was more than comfortable I struggled to sleep, the magnitude of the task ahead had really hit me.

Sunday, 2nd February 2014 Day#4 – Dullstroom (Mpumalanga)

Hennie spoilt us with a delicious flapjack breakfast before we headed out to Dullstroom. So the obvious choice is to use your GPS when you don’t know the area and I followed my Navigator with confidence. The Shortest Route. Maybe the shortest but definitely not the fastest. Turning off to what I thought was a direct quick line to Dullstroom I realised very quickly that the road I was on was one long dirt road. Because of all the rain the mud was thick and I had to put Mamelo through her first real challenge. She handled so beautifully. It was still a tough drive with the trailer struggling behind but the new Sportage did exactly what she promised and adapted to the terrain with ease and her traction control was solid. Besides the difficult drive I took a few breaks from serious concentration to stop and take in the beautiful surroundings. Arrived in Dullstroom at Royal Coachman Restaurant with just enough time for a sound check before a great show in the garden with an incredible crowd you fully supported the cause and the music. With the evening open I managed to get a lot of work done. The rain started to fall which was a real blessing as it took off most of the thick mud that was all over the car and trailer. A sweet sleep followed.

Monday,3rd February 2014 Day#5 Graskop (Mpumalanga)

Started the day at Harries Pancakes. Mmm….Delicious. Hit the road around 10h00 towards Graskop.

Drove through the beautiful little town of Pilgrim’s Rest and managed to get some great pics.

Now Graskop is an unusual town. It is tiny and dilapidated with terrible roads filled with potholes but on the other end of the scale is a town full of great people and quite a number of tourists who use the town as base for hiking trails around the area including God’s Window.

I managed to organise a visit to Emmanuel’s Orphanage and loved every minute. The children are so beautiful and my heart broke to see potential in them that may not be forfilled due to lack of opportunity. The little guys were so excited to have a visitor. We chatted, sang together and I fell in love. A bitter sweet moment.

Managed to get the backpackers to do a last minute load of laundry for me. I knew that getting my clothes cleaned during the trip would be challenging with the lack of time in each town, but now I realised this would probably be one of my biggest issues. I only have so many clothes on the road with me so every few days I would have this problem.

Being a Monday I did not expect much of a turn out for the gig that night but I was pleasantly surprised as the venue Canimambo and its owners Lance and Carla had put in so much effort to advertise the event. We had guests from the surrounding towns of Sabie and showing support too. Local artists joined me for a few songs and the atmosphere was festive and uplifting. I look forward to returning to Graskop in the Winter. A quirky, friendly little dorp.

On the way home (I use this term loosely ) from the gig I stopped to get some coffee from the garage. I was approached by a French tourist who warned me to watch my bag. It turns out she had just spent 2 hours at the local police station reporting a theft. The suspect in question was large miner wielding an axe. He threatened her and her husband and took all their possessions. Once again I was reminded why I was on this tour. Had nightmares about the axe man all night. Not a restful sleep unfortunately. But at least I had clean clothes.

For more information on Natalie’s adventure visit Natalie’s website

The all-new Cerato Koup raises Kia’s sporty appeal.

The all-new Cerato Koup raises Kia’s sporty appeal.

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The introduction of the new Cerato Koup follows the launch of the all-new third-generation Cerato sedan and five-door hatchback.

Since introduction in 2004, the trio (sedan, hatchback and koup) of Cerato cars have achieved more than 2.5 million global sales, including 385,000 units in 2012 when these models accounted for almost 17% of Kia’s total annual sales.

Now, the all-new version of the compact and sporty Cerato Koup is beautifully crafted and features a sleeker profile with futuristic and dynamic styling. It is longer and wider than the current model, with a significantly extended wheelbase.

Beneath its distinctive exterior, the new Koup incorporates all the improved engineering originally developed for the Cerato sedan, with an all-new bodyshell structure, improved overall quality, upgraded equipment levels with a host of additional convenience and safety features, a more spacious cabin with enhanced refinement and a new 1.6 Turbo GDi powertrain that delivers exhilarating performance and competitive fuel economy.

“The Cerato family has become our brand’s biggest-selling export model, so the introduction of the exciting third-generation Koup is hugely significant for Kia,” comments Soon-Nam Lee, Kia’s Vice President of Overseas Marketing.

“We are raising our product standards to the next level with the all-new Cerato Koup, which adds emotional appeal to its established core values of design, quality and value,” adds Mr Lee.  “This all-new model will boost our competitiveness in the compact sporty coupe segment – known as the C-segment in many countries – which is one of the world’s most important and most competitive segments.”

While creating the all-new Cerato family of cars, Kia’s designers and engineers have listened closely to customer feedback.  The result is a bold demonstration of Kia’s determination to deliver models that exceed customer expectations and provide a rewarding long-term ownership experience.

“We are confident that the new Cerato Koup with its transformed appearance, broad range of new features, and the exciting new turbo engine will entice both existing and new customers to visit Kia showrooms”, comments David Sieff, Marketing Director, Kia Motors South Africa.

The Cerato Koup will be launched to the public in a ground breaking integrated campaign, which will have members of the public build a virtual Koup by collecting 38 hidden virtual parts via an app on Kia’s facebook page. Every time a player finds a code like this: Q19287475, it unlocks a single part or a bundle of parts which, once collected, show up as pieces of the virtual Cerato Koup.

This cutting edge campaign will show potential customers all the innovation that goes into the New Cerato Koup in an immersive and innovative way.



New Kia Soul wins iF Product Design Award

The Kia Soul is adds another award to Kia's trophy cabinet.

New Kia Soul wins iF Product Design Award

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  •  Distinctive compact SUV receives renowned ‘iF product design award’ ahead of market launchAward jury praises ‘transformation of design making Kia desirable’
  • Kia Soul on sales on North America and due to go on sale across Europe in March

The new Kia Soul, which celebrated its European premiere at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt in 2013, has been awarded the ‘iF Product Design Award’.

In securing the prestigious iF design accolade, the second generation of the cult compact SUV – which is already on sale in North America and will go on sale across Europe in March – continues the award-winning ways of its predecessor.

In 2009, the original Kia Soul was the first car by a Korean brand to receive the distinguished ‘red dot design award’. Since then, a total of 16 design prizes have been awarded to Kia models between these two design organisations.

With a distinctive design, the Kia Soul has many fans all around the globe: since the end of 2008, more than 760,000 people have purchased the first-generation model.

The new Kia Soul was created by the Kia design team under the supervision of Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer of Kia Motors Corporation and Hyundai Motor Company. Many of the design elements of the muscular Kia Track’ster concept (presented at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show) are incorporated in the second-generation Kia Soul and characterise its modern design – although it is still recognisable as Kia’s iconic compact SUV.

“The great challenge we faced when designing the second model generation was to preserve the strong, individual character that made the Kia Soul so successful, and at the same time give the design new impulses”, says Peter Schreyer. “That is why I am so pleased about this prize, because it proves how impressively our design team has performed this task. The new Kia Soul is a lot more mature in appearance, and the bold, distinctive personality of this model is highlighted even more.”

New platform, improved driving dynamics – and scope for individual design

Despite the similarity in appearance to the original Kia Soul, the second -generation model is a completely new car. None of the exterior body panels are carried over, and the spacious interior has also been completely redesigned. It gives the occupants even more leg and head room, uses more high quality materials and offers a comprehensive range of comfort features.

New Soul also excels in its low noise level and refinement. One of the factors behind the car’s many improvements is the new platform, which is similar to that of the Kia cee’d and which gives the new Kia Soul noticeably improved driving dynamics. For the European market, there is a choice of two modern 1.6-litre engines; a gasoline direct injection (132 PS / 97 kW) and a turbodiesel (128 PS / 94 kW).

Like its predecessor, the new Kia Soul offers a wide range of customisation options. Depending on the trim level and optional equipment, these include, for example, a choice of different interior colour schemes. The new Soul is also the first Kia model for which the roof can be ordered in a contrasting colour, while a new SUV Styling Pack (available in Europe and general markets*) – featured on the iF design award-winning car – introduces distinctive piano black bumper garnish, side skirts, wheel arches and a black painted roof.

The iF product design award

Since it was launched in 1953, the annual iF product design award has been one of the world’s most important prizes for excellence in design. The award has its origins in the ‘Formgerechte Industrie­erzeugnisse’ (Good Industrial Design) product shows initiated by Hannover Messe and is now one of the world’s largest design competitions. The iF design award now includes two further competitions (the iF communication design award and iF packaging design award).

In 2014, companies from 55 countries participated in the iF design award, submitting 3,249 designs in 17 categories to the iF product design award, which is by far the largest of the three iF competitions. The new Kia Soul was honoured in the ‘Transportation Design’ category.

The official presentation ceremony for the 2014 iF product design awards will take place on 28 February 2014 in Munich during the ‘Munich Creative Business Week’. All the winning products will be on display for the first time at the new iF design exhibition in Hamburg’s HafenCity. Additionally, all winners can be seen on the website and can now also be viewed with the new iF design smartphone app.

The 2014 Australian Open served by Kia Motors

The 2014 Australian Open served by Kia Motors

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Kia Motors Corporation has been expanding the scale of its sports sponsorship for some years now. The company is slowly developing itself into a brand designed to appeal to younger drivers with an emphasis on excitement and versatility.

Since its first sponsorship with the Australian Open in 2002, Kia has been participating in the tournament as the Major Sponsor to promote and support this successful event. In January 2013, Kia announced that it will extend its agreement as the major sponsor of the Australian Open for an additional five years through to 2018. This new deal cements Kia as the longest running major sponsor of the event, with 17 continuous years of commitment to the first Grand Slam tournament on the international tennis calendar.

Kia is not only leveraging this sponsorship with event transportation but also providing innovative interactive programs around the tennis court resulting in a rewarding experience for the Brand and its fans.

For fans around the world, Kia has activated a global marketing program called ‘Kia Lucky Drive to Australia’, which has given tennis fans like South Africans Adriaan and Hannelie Van Zyl an opportunity see the 2014 Australian Open action in person.